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Single Working Moms Can Now Benefit From Obama's College Scholarships

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ingle mothers more often than not, have a tough time providing all that their families need. They must provide shelter, food, clothing and medical needs for their children as well as for themselves.

In this day and age, that can be a terrible burden especially when there is not a partner to share the load.

For these reasons, college is often the furthest thing from a single mom's mind. It may just be a pipe dream that seems unattainable. However, President Obama has a new plan that can make earning a degree a possibility.

What is the Plan?

Actually, these scholarships have been around for quite some time and are known as Pell Grants. However, the amount one could receive was not enough for many single, working moms to afford college. Obama has had the amount increased to over $5,000.00. He really wants to see moms going to colleges, technical schools and universities.

This is just the extra boost you may need to get start or complete your degree. The money will no doubt, help you in many ways.

And If I Don't Receive a Grant?

Unfortunately, not all who apply will qualify for a Pell Grant. There is only so much money available and many, many moms will be applying. But don't be discouraged. There are still other opportunities for you to receive the aid you need. In fact, some may award more money than you would have received from the Pell.

There are now a number of online databases that will search thousands of opportunities and find the ones most suited to you. Some of these opportunities will be specifically for mothers while others may be more general in nature.

Apply, Apply, Apply

Once you have secured a list of grants, scholarships and other opportunities, the trip is to apply for all or as many as you possibly can. Be sure you hit the Obama scholarships for single working moms first. Then continue your search. Remember that the more you apply for, the better your chances of receiving monies that never, ever have to be repaid.

Lindsy Emery

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