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Red Rose Water Colour and Gouache Lesson

Aileen McLeod, Artist

ed Rose water colour with Gouche painting. Follow the steps to create a beautiful Red Rose to be proud of.

1. Sketch your rose design (you may trace from the sample.) HINT: use a Conte WC, Red Pencil. N0 12 pointed brush.

Sketch for painting

2. Wash Rose Madder or Crimson Lake over the rose petals. Allow to dry.

3. Paint White Gouache over the petal shapes.

4. Mix Tasman Blue (or a medium Blue of your choice) + Rose Madder or Crimson Lake and paint over the petals.

5. White Gouache + Rose madder or Crimson Lake and paint over the petals.

6. Mix Paynes Grey+ Rose Madder or Crimson Lake and paint into the petal shadows.

7. White Gouache + a touch of Rose Madder or Crimson Lake and paint in the highlights.

8 With a deep Rose colour WC (aquarelle) pencil, stroke and blend into the rose petals.

9. With a White Conte pencil, stroke in the brightest highlights.

10 Take a Deep Grey/Black Conte /water colour pencil and define the shadow under and around the petals.

11. Leaf or Sap Green is painted in for the stem (mix the Green if you choose) add a touch of Red Brown down one side.

12. The leaves are painted in with Yellow+ Blue or Sap green for the initial wash.

13. Paint White Gouache over and allow drying.

14. Darker Green is shaded in for the shadows.

15. Dark Green Conte pencil is shaded in to strengthen the shadows and also the veins etc.

16. White Gouache is used for the highlights.

17. Wash yellow over the leaves.

18. Highlight the Whites with White Conte Pencil also on one side of the veins.

19. Yellow Pencil is shaded in here and there.

20. Dark Green pencil is used for the serrated leaf edge. Red/Brown Conte pencil is used for the thorns.

Red Rose complete

This method is used to achieve a deep tone such as this red rose. It produces an opaque finish which is desirable for Botanical Art.

Aileen McLeod site: http://www.mcleodart.com.au/index.php/astudio

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