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Cancer Survivor Dilma Rousseff Brazilís First Female President

Clare Hudd, Freelance Writer

razil has seen their first female President. Voted in on 31st October 2010 and bringing the number of female leaders around the world to twenty-nine. Raising the bar of change!

Dilma Rousseff won 56% of the vote over opposition Jose Serra. She pledges a new era of prosperity, working to end hunger and homelessness of children and families in Brazil. To bring hope to lives that would otherwise be lost.

AP Photo/Eraldo Peres

"I'm very happy. I want to thank all Brazilians for this moment and I promise to honour the trust they have shown me." Rousseffís first presidential words to the reporters in Brasilia.

In her first time standing for office, the 62-year-old mother of one has spent two terms serving as Energy Minister and Chief of Staff of the Workers Party, under President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Her campaign is to improve and upgrade education, health systems and irridicate poverty.

Born in the southwest of Brazil to a Brazilian mother and Bulgarian immigrant father, she was raised in a Catholic school and completed her degree in economics. During her early twenties, she joined an armed resistance group in a bid to defeat military dictatorship. However, in 1970 Dilma was arrested and charged with subversion. Imprisoned and tortured for three years she fought back and the sentence was overthrown by the Special Commission for Reparation of Human Rights.

In the years leading up to her success of becoming President, Dilma was struck down with Lymphatic Cancer. After having the tumour in her chest removed and undergoing chemotherapy her oncologist gave her a 90% recovery rate.

This incredible woman brings the knowledge of struggle and untold emotional hardship to a time when understanding, strategy and nurture is needed. Being just the woman Brazil needs and with a power unlike any other she will tackle the issues of today with grace and virtue, bringing forth a new era of prosperity, as promised.

Dilma Rousseff will be inaugurated and take her place as President of Brazil on January 1st 2011... A monumental moment for women and a leap for all of mankind.


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