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Australian Female Leaders Continue to Crack the Glass Ceiling

Clare Hudd, Freelance Writer

asmania’s new Premier is a woman. 38-year-old Lara Giddings is the latest to join a stream of women, globally nudging forward a history of resistance.

Lara was sworn into office on 24th January 2010 stating “My first job as Premier will be to go back to basics”. She continues, “One of the beauties of today’s historic moments of having the first female premier in Tasmania is that there is not one drop of blood on the floor”.

It is obvious she is a proud woman. Taking the place of former premier David Bartlett and dedicated to the people and future of Tasmania.

Bearing no children or marriage, Lara committed herself to an education in Arts and Law. At the tender age of twenty-three her hard work and commitment paid off, becoming the youngest woman elected to parliament. Breaking the record. Only recently has this record been broken again, by another woman - 21-year-old Kelly Vincent, elected Member of Legislative Council.

Australian women seem to be holding their own after a history of male-dominated politics. Currently our leadership stands at: Julia Gillard – Prime Minister, Anna Bligh – Queensland Premier, Quentin Bryce – Governor-General and Lara Giddings – Tasmanian Premier. Women are leading the way with nurture and reasoning, proving that its approach is not only needed, but welcomed.

As representative of the Labour Party, Lara commits to making a positive change for the Tasmanian community. She pledges greater education and health care opportunities, better living standards and helping those in need.

Lara Giddings has a chance to make a difference, to be part of a global shift of equality and acceptance. An opportunity she embraces with open arms and a strong ability.


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