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Using an Embroidery Hoop with Cross Stitch

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n embroidery hoop helps to keep the fabric taut whilst stitching, this aids to the stitches being more even.

There are many different hoops to choose from the most popular being the hand held hoop which is available in defferent sizes from 4" diameter to 12" diameter. The choice is down to personal preference, others hoops on the market the hoop is on a stand or there is one which is on a short stand with piece at the bottom so you can sit on it and stitch.

Below are a few tips to follow whilst working a project using a hoop.

When you have spent hours stitching a project to find at the end there is an unremoveable mark on the fabric it is a disaster to say the least. It takes away any enjoyment you had whilst stitching the project.

Prevention is better than cure.

Tip 1

Make sure before you start to cross stitch your hands are clean.

This prevents the stitching being stained.

It is possible to gently hand wash the stitching after completion.

Tip 2

It is always best to use an embroidery hoop for cross stitch to keep the fabric taut and it keeps the stitching even.

Tip 3

Wooden embroidery hoops can mark your fabric with oils from the wood.

Bind the hoop with masking tape or some other material to protect your fabric.

It is unlikely the wood stains will be washed out.

Tip 4

When using an embroidery hoop to stitch it is best to use one that covers the stitching area.

This is not always possible when stitching a large design.

Tip 5

If you are working with an embroidery hoop and leaving your stitching for some time, take the hoop off the stitching to prevent marks and flattening any stitches.

Tip 6

Also put the stitching away in your workbox or cover it with a clean cloth if leaving it for a period of time.

Janet Kelly

Janet Kelly is a keen cross stitch enthusiast. She writes articles on all aspects of Cross Stitch and also runs a website: Needlwork Magic where she sells a wide range of Cross Stitch Kits which are very competitively priced.


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