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Bach Flower Remedies as natural remedies for ADHD

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hese natural remedies for ADHD are so safe and so simple that the worst thing they can do is not work.

However through 10 years of our research and evaluation within the education system, with commendations from OFSTED and an international Award for the empowerment and inspiration of young people, to celebrate our research, we now know that that this approach is proven to be consistently more than 86% effective as a natural remedy for ADHD and similar behavioural problems.

In fact, there are many natural remedies that work very effectively with ADHD and we have a whole research programme that proves it every step of the way. Not only do they work effectively on their own but when used in particular sequence they are very powerful in supporting the whole behavioural scene within ADHD.

So where is a good place to start and what would we recommend that you use, first of all from an ADHD natural therapy point of view?

The first natural remedy we introduce in our comprehensive and integrated programme is the Bach Flower Remedies. These were first introduced at the beginning of last century, by a medical doctor who was disenchanted with the conventional system even in those days!

Dr Bach went on to develop a gentle safe system of 39 remedies that cover the whole emotional range and therefore can quickly turn around negative behaviours by turning around the negative emotions which underpin that behaviour.

Simply put, if we feel good about something we cannot behave negatively and this is exactly the principle of success that the Bach system work on.

A remedy bottle would normally last about 3 weeks and the remedy is taken 4 times a day. The skill and secret of success of this system all rests in the ability of the practitioner to identify the behaviour and match it to the emotional state as defined by each of the remedies. This can be done effectively and evidences improvements within a very short time on the programme.

Linda Porter

Hi, my name is Lin Porter and I am the founder of HET or Holistic Educational Therapy. This is a system for treating kids with behavioral problems including ADHD and ADD and general traumas associated with bad experiences at home or school. The secret to this is using natural remedies and getting the whole family involved as it is often the home environment that needs to be changed. The HET stepping Stone programme teaches families how to use the Bach Flower remedies for ADHD for themselves as one of the natural remedies that is effective for ADHD.


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