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How to find a job in the crowded field of the unemployed

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ith twenty percent unemployment (never follow government reports) if you follow everyone else in terms of obtaining employment, what’s your likelihood of success? Probably slim to none right?

So why wouldn’t you pursue the road less traveled, the road most people see as harder or more challenging? Think about whom you would hire. The top three things the top recruits have done that were unemployed:

* Focus – They focus on targeted employers. Whatever their field is, whether it’s investment banking, hedge funds or health care, they target certain employers. The one percent understand that by focusing their energy on certain employers they are more likely to develop a greater return on their investment.

* Research – they do tremendous due diligence on their targets. They under who the firm is, their products, their competition, their markets. If they are a public company they have taken the time to read their 10K and know who their competition is and understand their market, overall business strategy and their problems.

* Solution – The once percent will develop one or two page business plan that provides solutions for their targets based on their due diligence. They have included a thorough WOTS (weakness, opportunities, threats and strengths) analysis. Their solutions are cutting edge, expansive, and address the area of expertise the individual brings to the organization whether it be marketing, sales, human resources, etc. They target who they are going to send this business plan to by doing research-so if the plan is an HR, marketing or sales plan, they send it to the head of the department. They are solving a problem or creating a solution or creating a new revenue opportunity! Who wouldn’t want to hire a problem solver, or someone who’s contributing to the top line or the bottom line? You’ve already proved that you are unique by taking this unusual approach—why? Because most people won’t take the time or the energy to go the extra mile—trust me!

All employer’s have problems, so figure out how to solve one of their problems. Most people won’t take the time or energy to figure out how to solve some else’s problems. Imagine the value you bring to an organization if you demonstrated the initiative, foresight, and business acumen to develop a well thought out solution to their problem?

If you want to move from the ranks of the unemployed to the employed then solve someone’s problem. In order to stand out in the crowded unemployed field who would you hire? A problem solver or someone that sends resumes?

Ev Nucci

Ev Nucci is CEO of Nucci Consulting Group, a retained search firm that specializes in the asset management
industry. She spent the last three decades building high performance organizations,. She started 5 companies, worked as an executive for 2 Fortune 100 firms and spent the last thirteen years on Wall Street building the largest money manager in the world and working for a hedge fund.


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