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Rocket Writing
Rocket Writing is a form of writing limited only by your imagination.

The writer chooses a topic and writes the maximum words possible in ten minutes. With practice, short stories can be produced with minimum fuss. It can open up creativeness and improve communication skills.

Leanne Miles,
I donít know why I do this religiously at the beginning of each and every year, but I do. It's a cleansing ritual. I suppose it stems from my unwavering need to believe that simply with the turning of a calendar page, each new year can start afresh. This year will be THE ONE, you know, the year that everything goes right.
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Gum Leaves
Leanne Miles,
The leaves remind me of moving into the new house and being able to finally play in the back garden with grass without bindiís and to be able to run around without our thongs or sandals on.
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