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The Basic Human Being

Janis Mclellan,

f you have ever thought that there was something more to your life than the everyday hustle? In order to stay healthy and create a higher state of awareness, we must become conscious of our subconscious.

As children we have huge dreams, anything is possible, and the only thing that matters is fun. Children live in the moment, when they want to do something they just can't wait! This feeling all kids have and their way of life may get covered up and forgotten as they grow older but it never goes away. Inside all of us is an inner child, sometimes called the basic Self in order to succeed in life we must get to know this basic human being.

In his book Way of the Peaceful Warrior Dan Millman learns valuable life lessons about the seven levels consciousness and the three selves. On his journey Dan discovers that the basic self closely resembles the characteristic personality of a child of a four to seven year old. Even though your basic self has more confidence and strength than a child the qualities are the same. Just as a child, the basic self is closely in tune with the physical body but not so in touch with the conscious brain. It takes time for a child to learn to listen to their conscious and their sense of right and wrong.

Our Basic self is the source of bodily wisdom, and is where our instinct, intuition and gut feelings come from. The basic self is in charge of our body, it uses the involuntary nervous system to generate our energy for life and keep us out of danger. Just like a young child the basic self is open to subconscious energy healing.

When our subconscious is content and the basic self is relaxed we are likely to have more energy, inspiration and playfulness. We tend to be more loyal yet spontaneous with much greater determination.
Sometime we let our conscious get control of us, when we are working too much or there is too much stress. When this happens we ignore and suppress our basic self, devaluing it so that it becomes blocked. The basic self will withdraw and sometimes sabotage our bodies, this will lower our immune system giving us a higher risk for illness.

In order to stay healthy and create a higher state of awareness, we must become conscious of our subconscious. Listen to your instincts, follow your gut feelings and take time everyday to clear your thoughts. By challenging ourselves we a can actually have more energy and sense of self worth, in the long run this will lead to better overall health.


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