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Elizabeth Howard,

appiness is the one elusive quality that all yearn for and few achieve. How is it possible and why do so few feel that they are truely content with life?

Look at the life scenarios below and see if you fall into one of them. Everyone does so what can you do about it?

o If only I had more money/a good job I know I'd be happy

o More time is my problem. I'm always working to get more money and don't have time for anything else

o I have a partner/am looking for a partner and if we had a good relationship that would solve everything

o Health's my problem. I'm never well enough to enjoy my life

o My problems are family problems that have never been resolved. I just can't get over them and move on.

Do any of the above sound like you? Is happiness the ultimate aim of life and if so is it achieveable?

Happiness is something that people actively pursue. In fact, “the pursuit of happiness” was written by Thomas Jefferson into the US Bill of Rights as, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. So how do you actually do this?

Look at a simpler culture that has none of the multi-layered issues that a more sophisticated society builds up, and happiness usually equates to peace and contentment. As long as the sun comes up, you're not in pain or hungry, there's always peace and contentment. There's no pursuing happiness – it's just there.

As children age, and simple societies become more complex people start to forget who they really are and begin to question their existence. They become separate from each other and separate from the knowledge of their existence.

Without this knowledge their can be no love or feeling of security. All that's left in life is only fear from the past, and fear of what the future holds. This fear brings with it negative feelings. Look around you and you'll see what this negativity has created. How can there be road rage on an individual level and no wars on a global level?

Are you really just a separate, lonely being who has to struggle always with life issues? Money and health is always a problem. Relationships start and finish. Connections exist to family and friends, but even these at times seem precarious.

Who are you really? Without this knowledge and the awaking resulting from this knowledge, you'll always spend your life struggling. You'll feel insecure, have low self esteem and be unable to give and receive love.

You are much more than you think you are. You are a powerful source of pure energy. In fact a three in one being (mind, body and spirit) – a giver and receiver of light. You are one of billions but all linked, as you are from the same energy source. In fact, you are all powerful. You and I are one, each one being linked but within itself, special and unique. Having this much power gives you total free will within your life.

You just have to decide what you want within that life, be grateful for it and it's yours. Beware that what you ask for will truly bring happiness and contentment to your life. I want your life to be abundant and of course you do too. Well why has your life up to now being full of drama and negativity?

Suddenly realise that this is what you've been creating. You, due to your insecure mind, have brought about all of these problems. The only person to fix the situation must be you as well.

The Alcoholics/Addicts Anonymous rehabilitation program states, “The only cure is belief”. Belief in yourself, belief that you're not alone, belief in life. A life rehabilitation program itself would say the same thing, “Believe that change is possible and you change yourself and the world”.

Happiness and modern culture really conflict. The pursuit of happiness really has become the pursuit of indulgence. The instant, shallow, transitory happiness hit is what most chase, not knowing that the long-term happiness hit is available and lasting.

It has long been said that money cannot bring you happiness, but scientists have found that financial reward does make people feel good. Along with other positive reinforcment, such as praise for a job well done. That's why an abundant life is what everyone is actively seeking. I want your life to be full of good relationships (love), of satisfaction financially and robust health to enjoy it.

But a warning does go with abundance. A threshold is reached where no more happiness is achieved with each extra indulgence.

“Capitalism can make you well off. But it leaves you to be as unhappy as you choose”. The Economist

As with everything balance is the key. Greed will kill this balance. Know when you're financially secure. Know when you're in a good relationship. Know you can't save others; try to help but know when to step back. Know when you need to stop smoking, drinking/drugs and exercise more.

When you finally have come to the realisation of who you are, the missing ingredient that will lead to happiness, is reintroducing peace and from there, contentment into your life. Peace has always been the missing ingredient in modern life.

Peace can be found in the noisiest room, at a train station or in an office just as much as by a quiet lake. It can be part of the busiest life. It is the balancer to life.

Peace is not boredom. It is the quiet assurance that comes from knowing who you are and the abundance you are capable of. It is the very breath of life. Calm the choppy waters night and morning and with your new knowledge of life, will come an inner assurance which will gradually become permanent. At times initially negative thoughts do enter any mind. But the inner knowledge will be stronger. In the end, your life will have an inner glow that increases in strength with every passing day.

Let your light shine.

E.L. Howard has written a book called “The Answers”. A second book “Faith Finders” is currently being completed. She is a messenger and is guided to write her books.


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