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Recession Buster

Elizabeth Howard,

50 people losing their jobs every week” – screamed the Telegraph

“Dire straits ahead” – warned the News

By now this recession gloom would be a familiar accompaniment to every world citizen's life. Everyone is asking:

o When will it all end?
o How much worse can it get and can I survive it?
o How can I trust institutions and people again?
o I've lost a lot of my savings that I've worked hard for all my life. What sort of a lifestyle am I doomed to now as I get older?
o How can I ever recover my self esteem and feel safe?
o I've got to question my faith – is life just a random set of circumstances which are often negative?

Mounting frustration with the way modern life is heading, has led many people back into their homes, which is the only place they feel safe. A more modern, more affluent world promised to deliver increasing confidence and less fear. In fact the reverse has happened and we have been lured into affluence through debt which has turned toxic. Increasingly, people are turning to the smaller picture, of a controlled environment of their family and friends and away from the bigger picture of life. The importance is shifting from “our world” being important to just “my world”.

Security has become all important. Security for your job, family and money. Without security, life takes a downward turn into distrust and worry. This leads to a general feeling of emptiness and malaise amongst the population, with people feeling less optimistic about the future of the world and their position within that world.

This fear comes down to loss of control of life. The feeling that, “There's only me and what can I do? There's no higher power to take control. If there was this wouldn't have happened. The world is in freefall and we're all going down together.”
We're all cognizant of the problem, being inundated with it daily but is there a solution? What can one individual do about it anyway?

Are you so totally alone, separate from all others except your family group? Have you got no one to turn to when you need them? No wonder this feeling of separation has created envy and suspicion. The only feeling that can come out of it is fear – fear of your neighbor, fear of the future, fear that has become so deep-rooted within you that you don't even know it's cause.

This then leads to a general malaise within society, when many people are feeling this way. A more modern, more affluent world had promised to deliver increasing confidence and less fear, but the opposite has resulted. A global recession has resulted in a freefall of economic confidence, resulting in people questioning their own position within the world.

Richard Dawkins screams, “Believing in God is a backward belief system”. If there is a God, he's certainly abandoned us now. Unfortunately we're ending up having to live in a world, where we're suffering the results of our own actions. Our choices have been instant gratification, which has lead to spiraling debt. These bad choices lead to the worse consequences of all, suffering and powerlessness.

Nothing in this world is random. You have chosen your world, just as surely as you have chosen your life as the smaller picture. You are not powerless as you have always thought. The power of one is the only power. The one is the all. You and I are one. God that's who you are. You are a perfect being, as necessary to the world as the bees to pollinate the grain for our food. You choose this world and can create a balance. You just have to know what balance is. All other animals instinctively know this. But you see yourself as separate to the rest of the all and consequently your world becomes unbalanced. It's your choice.

As soon as you realize that by hurting another you are hurting yourself, by lying to another you are lying to yourself and by giving happiness to another you give it to yourself. Only then can you leave your castle, and affect your world for the better. Knowing you are having a positive effect on the world will lead you towards losing your fear.

Why are you so fearful? Look now within yourself. Your mind is literally saturated with negative thoughts. You're full of gloom and apprehension when you're worried. Look at the situations you are creating through worry. “I'm worried about losing my job”. The message you're giving out here is, “Job – lost”. By worrying you are bringing about just the opposite of what you want. Rather than trusting your instincts and remembering who you are, you're renouncing your whole life purpose. You are proving to have no faith.

Faith is necessary to all life. You have to have faith to get out of bed in the morning, to catch the train to work, to function at all. To be positive you must have faith. Faith that you can pass an exam, faith that you can love others, faith that you can do the job. Without some sort of faith you'd be dead now. You just wouldn't be able to wake up in the morning.

Building up this faith will overcome the worry habit and restore hope for you and all that depend on you. Hope can only be put into motion through faith. Everyone must have some measure of faith to function – you've just got to work on building it up.

How do you want your world to be? Full of uncaring failures, directionless individuals full of anger, or a world of choice where the choices are love and knowing. Allow Me to help you to realization. Lean on Me initially in order to finally take control. Know it's your choice.

Worry is a learned habit. Stop practising it.


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