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Life Changes: Creating Infinite Abundance

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any suffer inner turmoil regarding the obtainment of monetary and material wealth. Why do you continue to hold onto these old belief patterns? Where did they come from? What possible reason could it be “bad” to acquire all you need and more? Why is it considered normal to struggle to make ends meet?

Limiting belief codes keep many at the level of poverty. This need not be so. Consider what good you could do in the world if you had more than you needed. At the least, you could free up a tremendous amount of time and energy that is currently expended on making ends meet or saving for a “rainy day.”

Your dreams and goals will be limited as long as you hold onto fears and limiting belief codes. As long as you feel unworthy of receiving an abundance of gifts, you will be blocked from having all you desire. Look back on your life and find the belief codes that keep you from realizing the powerful and wonder filled person that you are. Dare to imagine how your life could change if you had all you needed and more. Where would you go? What would you do? What changes would you make?

Begin to make those choices today. Feel what it would be like to have a life of abundance. Dream big, for all is attainable. Know in your heart that all is possible. The more you believe, the faster you can manifest your heart’s desire.

It can be difficult to focus on spiritual matters when your day is burdened with thoughts of survival for yourself and your loved ones. Yet, where you place your thoughts and actions in this moment is where your future begins. No one has ever created their dreams without first having a starting point in which they decided, “I want that!”

Take time to look at what you sincerely wish to manifest and see yourself receiving the abundance that you deserve. When turned on its side, the numeral eight resembles the infinity symbol. This symbol often represents abundance, an infinite supply of financial and material wealth. Post a drawing of the infinity symbol on your mirror, use it as a bookmark, place it on the dashboard of your car or anywhere else to remind you to focus on the activities that will help you to attain the abundance you deserve and desire.

Break the blocks; key the locks. Open the door and in it will pour!

Theresa Crabtree

To read excerpts from Theresa Crabtree's book entitled,"The Mayan Tzolk'in Calendar: A Daily Guide to Self-Empowerment" or to sign up to receive free weekly messages, please visit her website.


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