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Rose Garden Tips

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rose garden is an ideal getaway for you any time of the day. Relaxing in a well planned rose garden can help you to relieve the stresses of the day with its beauty. You can plant a beautiful and relaxing rose garden if you follow some easy steps in planning and in raising the rose bushes.

When you start to plan your rose garden, and begin planting the rose bushes, consider the color of the roses. If you plant roses of the same color next to each other, it will enhance the appearance of the rose garden. Too many varying colors mixed together will look like a random jumble of color, rather than a well thought out color scheme. So, plant roses of the same or similar colors next to each other, and then in another section of the garden, you can plant another color.

Roses love sunshine. You will want a full sun area to plant your roses, where you can be sure that they will receive at least six hours of sun every day. If the area that you're planning for a rose garden is shaded, then you will need to reconsider. Making a sun map of your backyard will help you to find the areas that are in full sun. Simply go out into your yard early in the morning, around 6:00 AM. Note which areas are in the sun, and which areas are in the shade. Repeat this every hour throughout the day, noting where the sun and the shadows are. At the end of the day, take a look at your notes, and see what parts of your yard were in direct sunlight for 6 hours or more. These will be the places where you want to plant your roses.

You will also need to test your soil. You can find soil testers at your local garden shop. You'll need to check the pH level of the soil. For a successful rose garden, you'll want a pH level of between 5.5 and 6.6.

Water will be important when you plant a rose bush. Regular watering, about once a week, will help the rose bush to get established, and grow a healthy root system. The soil that you plant in needs to be well drained. Roses do need regular watering, but they will not do well if the soil is constantly moist. So, plant them in a well drained area.

You will need to dead head the roses as they grow. What this means is that you will need to pick off the flowers as they die off. This helps new flowers to bloom and thrive. You will also need to remove leaves that have black spots on them. This keeps disease from spreading to the rest of the plant. Taking care of this as soon as you see it will help to protect your plant from disease and insects.

Your rose bushes will need to be pruned in the spring. Any dead portions need to be trimmed off to allow new growth. While you're pruning, pull up any weeds around the plant, so your rose bush will not be sharing water and nutrients with unwanted weeds.

Properly raised and cared for, your rose garden will provide you with beautiful, fragrant flowers, year after year.

Lisa Sousa

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