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Linda Cacaci,

have always loved music. My preference is usually classical but it can vary. I love the Oldies, in my case music from the 1940s on up through the 1960s. After that the music had too much roughness for my taste.

As a child I would watch my cartoons, Bugs Bunny and the rest of those characters. What I didnt realize was that I was getting an introduction to classical music. I was definitely unaware of this, but when I see these cartoons today, I see the snippets of the music and can hardly believe it. I do think that is a wonderful way to introduce children to the classics. It sure worked for me.

When I grew older into my teens, I heard and loved rock n roll. I'll hear a song now and tell you all the trivia about it, singer, things about the song and sometimes I can even tell you the date it was popular. As a teenager I was lucky enough to see some of the popular groups in concert. The Rolling Stones, Beatles and the Monkees were among them. I was definitely a big fan of the Beatles.

I also had some unusual habits when it came to music. When I first started high school, my school schedule was from 12:30 to 5:45. So when I studied in the morning before class, I had the radio on. But it wasnt rock n roll. It was classical music. I found that I could study better with the classics. When I got home, I put on something different - then I would listen to rock n roll. It was almost like a personality change.

After getting married, my husband and I started to listen to country music and a lot of John Denver. We loved the freedom it brought to mind. At times, we also listened to the slow and 'easy listening' music, the romantic ballads and such. I have always been a romantic at heart. That's how I started writing romantic novels, but that is another story and for another article. But I would still listen to classical music here and there. I started to collect the records from Time Life, their Great Men of Music. By the way, I still have those records and I will never part from them.

I love to hear sacred music from the church archives, and started to enjoy choral works from the past. Works by monks or even Gregorian chants can transport me to a different time and place - A time of tranquility and peace.

Fast forward. I am now a widow of 12 years, am 58 years old and I live alone. What do I listen to now? I still like the oldies, ones I could sing to or shed a melancholy tear to. But my main musical preference is still the classical works. There is nothing like a Chopin nocturne or a Debussy etude to soothe and relax you from the stresses of the day. It takes you to a world like no other. A world that is far away... distant... It is a form of time travel and yet you are still right here. To think these composers wrote these marvelous works hundreds of years ago. What a legacy, and I can see these works being heard hundreds of years from now, too.

Moving from New York to Florida, I miss my favorite classical music station, WQXR. I found a station here in Florida that has classical music but it was not a 24-hour one. Lo and behold, I am now using the new technology of the day, streaming from the station to my computer. What do I hear now? You guessed it, WQXR from New York! I am back in my own world again, a world that can soothe me and help me cope with the reality of the craziness of todays society.


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