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Africa Village by Women - 8th June - 11th July 2010

Chantal Nimugire,

would like to share with you this interesting information about Africa Village by Women 2010 event which will take place in South Africa during world cup season. It is being held 8th June-11th July 2010 at Rantanga Junction, Cape Town, South Africa.

This event has prepared by Leading Women of Africa in partnership with other three organizations. www.leadingwomenofafrica.com

"The African Continent is offering enormous economic resources that need to be accessed by all Africans, including women. However, the reality on the ground has proven that Africans in general, and women of Africa in particular have not yet been given the opportunity to have access to these opportunities". (quote Leading Women of Africa)

Now is the opportunity for all African women to stand tall and join together to build their nation.

The African Nations are called to showcase their

investment opportunities, culture, arts, tourism, intellectual etc in that event and to support women to participate in that event so they will showcase their talents and initiatives.

Excerpt from Leading Women of Africa report:

The involvement of women in the process of economic development is an important key to economic growth in Africa. So far, African women still work individually producing less. Economically, women need to come together to share their knowledge, experiences in business, and form a strong network that will expand business while providing a significant impact on socio-economic development of the Continent.

This is the greatest opportunity Africa has to showcase to the international community this real image and opportunities, especially the talents and initiatives of African women.

I have received this information from Madelein Mkunu the founder and president of Leading Women of Africa. You can support this event by supporting African women artists who participate in the event. Your contribution will be highly appreciated.

For details, questions or comments email Chantal cnimugire@yahoo.fr, or contact Madelein Mkunu (the founder and president of Leading Women of Africa) her email is info@feminar.co.za Phone is +27 849193398.

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photos courtesy of Global African Village and Leading Women of Africa


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