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Selling Crafts Online

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elling crafts online doesn't have to be hard. In order to sell crafts online you must first have a few things.

An e-commerce website or online shop that has a shopping cart which allows you to sell crafts online. Our recommendations are to use sites such as Etsy.com, Artfire.com or Bonanzle.com. With these sites it is easy for your craft shoppers to buy crafts online. These sites do charge transaction fees which are relatively small compared to the cost of trying to setup a shopping cart on your own.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. You must have good pictures of your crafts. If you are photographing your own crafts try to make the pictures look as professional as possible. One tip to remember is that the best lighting for photographs is natural light. Make sure there isnít any glare or shadows to that will draw attention from your crafts. Oh and please use simple backgrounds that will not take away the focus from your craft!

A marketing plan is a must complete with a monthly marketing budget! Just because you have built it doesnít mean that shoppers will come. As a matter of fact if craft shoppers donít know you are online they donít know you exist. So it is important that you create a marketing plan that will drive shoppers directly to your crafts.
There are tons and tons of online marketing techniques and if you donít want to take the time to learn them then you should consider using a virtual craft show like HandmadeCraftShow.com.

HandmadeCraftshow.com is an online virtual craft show that allows handmade artists to concentrate on creating and selling crafts online and not worry about trying to attract shoppers.

HandmadeCraftShow.com drives craft shoppers to handmade artistís web sites and online shops by providing artists with virtual craft show booths. Virtual craft show booths allow artists to display their crafts and when buyers are ready to view more or make a purchase they click a link that takes them directly to the handmade artistís web site. This way, shoppers are able to purchase directly from the artists. There is no site wide shopping cart or registration platform.

If you are a handmade artist, and you would like to concentrate on selling crafts online versus trying to drive shoppers to your online shop then you should definitely try HandmadeCraftShow.com.

HandmadeCraftShow.com is an online virtual craft show that helps handmade artists promote their crafts online. We drive shoppers to online craft shop.


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