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Women Emancipation—A Step Closer to a Brighter Future

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omen were the marginalized section of our society. They were struggling to have a stranglehold in this men’s world. But, in today’s time their position has improved after years of subjugation and domination.

Though, in remote villages of India their situation is no better — a girl child is still frowned upon and is considered a disgrace to the family, they are malnourished, bulimic and their health is detoriating without proper vaccination.

Women empowerment was once a mere word but now-a-days women are getting what they deserve. The professions have become unisex, they are no longer expected to work in conventional domains they are exploring uncharted territories. Women are juggling perfectly between home and professional front. They are no longer dependent on their husbands and fathers rather they are their own masters; can choose when to marry—breaking all the stereotypes and carving a niche for themselves in this competitive job market.

Every year whether its board results or the civil exams they are leaving behind their male counterparts with huge margins. They are no longer subservient, ostracized and alienated rather they enjoy their life to the hilt by filling the vacuum that has been created around them.

To take care of children is no longer what is expected from them, rather they are respected and admired when they climb the corporate ladder with their male counter parts shoulder to shoulder. Women hold their heads high, they are well versed with all the laws, and they know their rights and also know how to protect themselves.

Many NGO’s and Government organizations are working towards the welfare of women. The new domestic violence act and other path breaking amendments have made the situation of women much stronger vis-à-vis their male counterparts. Leading examples like Jessica Lal murder and Priyadarshni Matto case have set a benchmark to be followed in the years to come—women look upto them and derive inspiration to fight for justice even though the justice is hard to come by.

The emancipation of women has given a new lease of life to all those women who used to feel threatened and prejudiced by their male counterparts, women are breaking the male bastion and how!!

Kanchan Agarwal


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