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New Law Hurts All Afghan Women, Not Just the Shia

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new law has been approved in Afghanistan which limits equality in the society and weakens women's rights and their movements. I do not want to call the new law a law for Shia women. It is a new law for Afghan women. I do not want to call them the minority, because we are all Afghans and we are the members of the same society and country.

Islam is a religion based on justice and equality. It emphasizes education and the rights of men and women. It is not just to have different laws for different women of the same country. Inside someone's own country, differences! Why?

As an Afghan youth I always emphasize equality in society. Meanwhile, as an Afghan young woman I always suffer from the lack of education for Afghan women and inequality in the society. I ask myself why women should be always the targets. I hope for the empowerment of women.

As an Afghan youth, I would like to mention some important points to the respected people of my country. If we do not forget the past and forgive each other we will never be able to live peacefully. I always hope to see that my people are happy, that there are no tears in the eyes of Afghan people anymore. I always hope to see men and women working at the same offices and men supporting women who work beside them. I always hope that my people smile, laugh, walk, and work together without discrimination. I hope that very soon the children of Pashtoons, Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks, Turkmans, Pashahees, and Ballochis become friends and forget to ask about each other's nationality, language, race, and ethnicity.

I hope one day the respected elders of my country focus and work on the security of my beloved country. I hope the respected elders work on reconstructing our roads and streets. I hope the respected elders all sit together and approve a new law of peace among the nations. I hope the respected elders of my country sign a paper promising that we will not fight over power and the presidency anymore; instead we will be humble and kind to all.

I hope one day the respected elders of my country approve a law that no man is allowed to hit or beat his wife. I hope one day the respected elders of Afghanistan feel their responsibilities towards their nation, especially toward youths. I hope one day the respected elders of my country provide the best education to the youths. I hope one day the respected elders of my country all sit together and amend a New Mandatory Law that all women must come to school and study. Finally, I would like to thank the Excellency President of the United States Barak Obama for his extraordinary help to Afghanistan and for supporting Afghan women's rights.

from Concerned Young Woman, Afghanistan
April 14th, 2009

This story first appeared at Voices from the Frontlines on www.peacexpeace.org.

Editors note: This article is published by kind permission of Peace X Peace - A Global Network where women meet to build peace across cultures.


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