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The Future Looks Bright for Women

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or the past few decades, the world locally and internationally has victimized women. Although they didn't ask for or choose that victim role, they were blamed for it anyway and cut off from most their rights.

This oppression continued and went farther by stopping women from getting education, work, ambitions, opinions, and dreams. The goal was to erase the women's personalities and replace them with the form that others chose instead.

However, the magic was reversed on the magician when women started to talk back and rebel against these unfair, man-made laws that violate women's rights.

Not by force, but with the power of faith, all this started to change. Women found faith in life, love, peace, forgiveness, the equality of woman, and above all, women themselves.

Women became more than competitors in beauty pageants and beauty commercials. The remarkable personalities of women all over the world started to shine in spite of the extreme mist and darkness which had surrounded them for a very long time.

Life began to have a different meaning, a joyful one, and waiting finally paid off. Like butterflies women were trapped in their cocoons from the day of birth, labeled as weak creatures. But the minute they find their way out, these old descriptions don't make sense anymore.

When we look back we see clearly that the start of this women's revolution wasn't easy. Now the future looks so bright that it hurts our eyes!

Maybe we shouldn't wait after all, or stare around, or worry. It's time for women all over the world to break free, as we all were born to do, from housewives to outdoor working women. We have worked hard and we are working hard each day not to take anything for granted or to forget how to appreciate life - because we are the ones who once were taken for granted.

Eman Mohammed, The Gaza Strip. March 2009

This article was first published on Peace X Peace, Voices From the Frontlines.


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