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t's a shame! Several rape cases in the capital itself have unfortunately left those women devastated.

The college girl of Maulana Azad Medical College was traumatised the same way called as a gang rape. A gang rape in 2002 committed by three minors who dragged the fourth year medical student to the ruins of the fort where the crime was committed.

Astonishingly, the crime spot is merely 500 metres from the police station. Even after three days of the incident, police failed to record the statement of the girl.

The capital has shown to be the most unsafe place for women in the country with the crime charts soaring high in the number of the registered cases this year, including last year's too.

The capital was rocked again the next year with a high profile rape case of a Swiss diplomat. As she was returning from an international film festival she was raped in her own vehicle in the parking lot.

Consequently, the girl is physically and mentally traumatised.

As I asked several girls in my college about their opinion, a strong protest and an outburst as an outcome. As per Natasha, a IInd year Arts student, "This is a havoc which just destroys a woman's, a girl's whole life.

This is the irony of being a woman in India that in a country where a female being is a symbol of respect, where a woman is termed as 'Mata' and worshipped, also faces such ostracization from the family and the society if she becomes a victim of sexual assault. In an open court victims must prove that the rapist sexually penetrated them in order to get a conviction. This is shattering to the girl who faces a second blow to her respect after a death blow to her honour.

"The bad aspect about all these affairs is that police, many a times favour the sex-obsessed maniacs when bribed", Romila Gala, a house wife.Need to stop this heinous crime

Ankita, final year B.Sc student said, "Society too, does not leaves any stones unturned to add up to her misery."

According to media reports, in 2005, a slum woman abducted while walking home and was repeatedly raped in a moving vehicle picking women seems to have become as easy as picking up an ice-cream from an ice cream vendor on the streets.

Follow the link for more information: http://www.indiadaily.com/editorial/3708.asp

Trend shows that the main reason behind police taking action slowly is the political connections with the gang rapists.

The girls who are victimised later are not able to put their life back on track because in most of the cases they are oppressed and if they protest they themselves have to face hardships from police.

Many believe that these crimes can only be stopped unless and until people don't keep mum and their eyes shut towards such injustice. They will have to be bold enough to protest and not to worry about the social disgrace.

And, the only punishment these people deserve is a miserable death sentence.

Priyanka aka Aphrodite

Hi friends, I am currently a content writer with Infosys and also write on other blogs and content websites too. If you like my scribbles and want more to tickle your grey matter then you can reach/join me on my facebook profile. The profile is named by Priyanka Dey. Also, you can email me on my email id- priyankadeyster@gmail.com. Have a nice day.


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