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cholarship essay help will show you the path to write excellent essays.

In the coming paragraphs we will introduce you about the writing process and samples of some of the excellent essays.

Every essay has three parts:

The introduction, the middle and the conclusion or end.

A) The introduction: No essay should begin abruptly. A few common ways of beginning an essay are given here:

i) With a definition or explanation-

"Duty is the thing that is due, and must be paid by every man who would avoid present discredit and eventual moral insolvency." (Smile's Duty)

"Self control is only courage under another form. It may almost be regarded as the primary essence of character," (Smile's self control)

ii) With a quotation:

"Breathes there the man, with a soul so dead,

Who never to himself hath said?

‘This is my own, my native land,'

Whose heart hath ne'er within him burn'd,

As home his footsteps he had turn'd

From wandering on a foreign strand!"

The nobleness of patriotism has never been more finely and more passionately described than in the lines quoted above from the pen of Sir Walter Scott. Indeed, patriotism is a virtue that may well be regarded as the necessary qualification of every civilized human being.

iii) With a story of incident or proverb:

"A man may be usually known by the books he reads, as well as by the company he keeps; for there is a companionship of books as well as of men." (Smile's Companionship of Books}

"A Grecian philosopher on being asked why he wept for the death of his, son, since sorrow was in vain, replied,' I weep on that very account.'"(Leign Hunt's Death of Little Children)

iv) With a general remark, leading up to the subject:

"You are now arrived at that age which the law thinks sufficient to make an oath, taken by you, valid in court of law; let us suppose, from fourteen to nearly twenty. And, reserving, for a future occasion my remarks on your duty towards parents, let me offer my advice as to means likely to contribute largely towards making you a happy man, useful to all about you, and an honor to those from whom you sprang."(Cobbet's Advice to Young Men)

v) In a direct way:

"It seems to be an easy affair to study. There is the room, and there the books, and there the lesson: what more do you want? You want to know how to go to work."-How to study. (John Todd's Study)

B) The middle is the most important part of the essay. It contains appropriate facts, arguments, examples, quotations etc. Repetitions, unnecessary words and doubtful remarks should be avoided, and due proportion should be maintained among the different points according to their importance.

C) The conclusion- No definite rules can be laid down for the conclusion except that it should be natural and short, and not abrupt or forced. A good conclusion may consist of:

1) A summary of the ideas contained in the middle.

2) A natural conclusion drawn from the subject matter.

3) A quotation.

4) A sentence that strikingly expresses the main point.


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