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Journal Writing an Art?

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have often been told that I should give seminars, as this would be an excellent way to drum up clients in my work as a ghost writer. And one of the seminar topics that everyone wants to hear about, or so it would seem, is journal writing.

Journal writing would appear to be easy. All you have to do is sit down, in whatever schedule you are able to muster, whether it is every day, once or twice a week, or even once every few months, to write about whatever is on your mind. Old memories that happen to be surfacing, problems you are having with your family, problems at work. Joyous things that happen and things that turn out to be better experiences than you thought they would be, the serendipitous in our lives can go into your journal.

People even use Journaling to keep track of whether and how well they are able to curb unwanted habits, like over-eating or smoking. This is because the act of writing down your intention, along with your thoughts and feelings about what is happening in your life at that moment, whether or not you have succeeded in your endeavors. Often that written pat on the back can give you the impetus to move forward, to be able to repeat what has worked well. And writing down the failures, analyzing why they happen, and looking at various ways to avoid such failures again can give you the ammunition you need to be able to meet your challenges in more constructive ways.

The truth is, we really do know what we need to do with our lives. When we sit down to write about our thoughts, our ideas on the situation can open doors to those parts of our mind we often permit to lie dormant; those parts that compose our intuition. This can help us to see connections between things that we would not ordinarily make note of, but that can make a world of difference in how we see and respond to our environment. Donít expect your first jottings to be like Anais Ninís, or Katherine Mansfieldís. These were people who loved writing so much that they worked at it every single day. Still, Journaling can be a marvelous activity to take up. Perhaps a seminar would not be such a bad idea.

Genevieve Fosa
Freelance ghostwriter and editor.


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