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Miniature portrait of a silver-haired lady
Portrait miniatures have been around for centuries. They were mainly a token of love in the early years and I believe they are rising again to be in fashion. A modern day portrait miniature will have that ‘old world ‘look when painted on porcelain..read on

Painting Pastel Wildflowers
The name itself implies delicate, soft and muted shades of colours. Do not confuse Pastels with Chalk, Pastel is finally ground colour pigment bound together with resin etc. The choice of Pastel paper is i..read on

Painting the Red Robin
[pic1] Black art paper was used for this small study. Materials used: Gouache Flesh, Gouache White, water colours, Green, Yellow, Red, Brown, Grey, Orange, Pink, Ochre, White aquarelle pencil. Good quality sable brushes are best. 1. Sketch t..read on

Pastel roses
A love affair with roses. [pic1] This study of Pastel roses is quick and spontaneous. Cream Pastel paper was my choice and the painting applied to the smooth side of the paper. NOTE: It is a good idea to begin from the top of the design and..read on

Painting Alla Prima
Alla Prima is painting a subject matter in one sitting. It takes confidence but is fun to accomplish. A medium coarse water colour paper was used for this exercise. 15x20 cm. Your paper should be taped to a board; this produces a border of clea..read on

Pastel Pink Hibiscus
[pic2]The Hibiscus is often identified as a romantic flower. This Hibiscus has feminine qualities with its delicate shades of Pink and White. It is a single Hibiscus and the fragile petals spring from a deeply toned throat, pale Yellow pods on the..read on

Face to Face
The shape of the head establishes individuality and nationality. This shape is basically egg-shaped, divided symmetrically to suit each unique and individual face. Even though both sides of the f..read on

Art Therapy
Art Therapy lesson. Painting Rough Seas. It can be a soul-stirring experience to paint the sea, especially the rough sea! Photographs are helpful as a guide, although I advise that you spend some time watching the sea; there are the ever cha..read on

Painting a Bark Picture
Before attempting a bark painting you should familiarise yourself with the various types of bark; explore the possible combinations with the variety of colour and the degree of natural design already apparent in this remarkable subject matter. >c..read on

Red Rose Water Colour and Gouache Lesson
1. Sketch your rose design (you may trace from the sample.) HINT: use a Conte WC, Red Pencil. N0 12 pointed brush.[pic1] 2. Wash Rose Madder or Crimson Lake over the rose petals. Allow to dry. 3. Paint White Gouache over the petal shapes. 4...read on

Painting the Dark-Skin Portrait
There is a natural, whimsical charm about the female New Guinean. They have a natural beauty and portray an unaffected air. To sketch from life one must be quick as they are shy and unpretentious people. Photographs are the best way to capture sponta..read on

Immerse youself in water colour
The popularity of water colour began back in the 19th century as “Ladies” whiled away their days with delicate paintings. [pic1] Water colour is a delicate medium, yet can be used to create soft, feminine pictures or dramatic paintings of bright, vi..read on

Aboriginal Study on Porcelain
This study is a simple lesson for a beginner who wants to paint a portrait on porcelain. My subject is an Australian Aboriginal child. [pic1] Their skin has the look of velvet, sometimes m..read on

Porcelain Painting
Many shapes and varied pieces are available, including figurines and tiles which can be framed. The pigment used is derived from the pure minerals such as gold, silver, iron and sulpha and so must be used carefully; always washing your hands after us..read on

The Thrill of Silk Painting
[pic1]There is one big plus with silk painting - a piece of original abstract can be developed by allowing the imagination to flow along with the applied dyes; these dyes are very compatible with the artistic imagination. The art form of silk pain..read on

Portrait in Acrylic from a photograph
It is important [pic1] to create an emotional connection between the viewer and the portrait and that begins with the artist’s inspiration. Today we are using a contemporary approach by using BLUE as our underpainting. The colour theory is the sam..read on

Bark is Beautiful
seaThere are many variations in bark, [pic1] seaweed and native flora and we can be captivated by the challenge of creating bark pictures. NOTE: Before attempting a bark painting one should familiarise yourself with the various types of bark and e..read on

Aileen McLeod
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Articles published in Craft Monthly,articles/lessons published online,art/craft tutor at school,art workshops at various centres.

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I am an art fanatic, I love to create pictures from nature, I "see" art all around us. My love of writing is expressed in poetry,stories etc. I have been a guest on National TV pertaining to my art and appeared in some magazines re my artwork.

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