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A Rose
Her initial words of thanks turned to tones of puzzlement. “What rose?” she asked. She had not received any roses. She recounted what she had found. “Two bunches of carnations and a mixed bunched perched in a pot”. No roses. She asked him to wait whi..read on

My Favourite Piece of Clothing
The contents of the box changed me. Inside was the first of many elegant feminine articles I would forever own. As soon as I saw it I had to put it on I felt transformed. No longer the pubescent, pimpled, plump girl of thirteen but an elegant adolesc..read on

The Two out of Ten Group
The job I am about to relate is performed in a part of the world alien to many of us. Not our world but someone else’s. You may have caught glimpses of the work on television. You may have seen it done in real life whilst visiting distant countries. ..read on

Lost Memory
Then he saw her. She was tall. Perhaps his height. He caught the glimpse of long straight black hair caressing her back as she walked. She wore a simple backless dress with the look of casual elegance. Her entry was one of awkward hurriedness a..read on

[pic1] Bags, many bags. Large ones, small ones. Disposable. Keepsakes, Gifts. Old. New… The word works around in my mind and grabs the ripple a memory - the image of the very first bag that was truly mine. The memor..read on

The true story of Cinderella, the rags to riches lady of fame, was finally revealed today when Cinderella’s trusty secretary, Sir Theodore Mouse, won a year-long legal battle through the American Supreme Court. The American Supreme Court decision sup..read on

Carolynne (Lynne) McPherson
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