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Indigo Children - Born to Lead, Hard to Manage
Born To Be Leaders Some of the children who are being born now are just arriving knowing who and what they are. They really just need parents to guide them a little and keep them safe till they are grown up enough to accomplish what they have been..read on

Unconventional Methods for reinventing your career by Sarah Regens
Unconventional strategy 1: Act your way into a new way of thinking and being. You can't discover yourself by introspection. Start by altering what you do. Try various paths. Act and then use the feedback from your actions to figure out what you be..read on

Music Therapy for Adults with Disabilities by Betsey Zenk Nuseibeh
Studies have shown that when used as a treatment for cancer patients (in addition to conventional treatments), music therapy can help provide pain relief and reduce nausea. It has also been shown to lower heart rate, blood pressure and breathing r..read on

Understanding Empathy
In other ways, it can feel intrusive, overwhelming, and frustrating to have your personal space “invaded” by other people’s emotions and energies, and sometimes, even their physical symptoms. Recognizing Empathy Even if you’re highly sensitive, y..read on

Moroccan Wool Rugs
This was before the Arabs brought Islam to the 'Magrheb' or far West. Berber and Arab tribes still undertake most domestic rural weaving. Moroccan tribal rugs differ hugely by region and tribe. They can be colorful with fine geometric patterns - l..read on

Learning to throw: Pottery as therapy
As a teen I took classes in ceramics, but it wasn't enough for me to clean up a mold and paint it - that was someone else's design. I found another class on wheel thrown pottery and fell in love. I struggled at first, trying to control the clay, tryi..read on

Types of Pottery Kilns
In this article, I will take a closer look at different types of kilns available and a history of how pottery kilns were used in the making of handmade pottery and other ceramic pieces. [pic1] Primitive kilns were no more than the simple hearths ..read on

Ireland: European Court Says Abortion Is a Rights Issue
Ruling Says Ireland Must Ensure Access to Legal Services (New York) - The European Court of Human Rights judgment on December 16, 2010, on Ireland's abortion restrictions is a wake-up call to the Irish government, Human Rights Watch said today. Th..read on

How I Learned To Network by Taylor Vick
I was first introduced to the real power of networking by my Grandmother. She had an author friend in town and I happened to stop by her house for a visit. This woman talked herself into getting me in touch with the National Debutante Cotillion, sinc..read on

Top 2011 gardening trends: gardening with a purpose takes root
The purpose may be to grow your own food or create urban sanctuaries, but planting for a greener good is changing neighborhoods and communities - one garden at a time. According to the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, homeowners ar..read on

Reclaiming Textiles, Craftivism is on the Rise
This is the lifetime of a well made and loved cashmere sweater. Now, what’s next? You recycle it, right? Well, yes you can recycle it, but what about repurposing it? Repurposing in fabrics and textiles has taken on a new name and action called ‘craft..read on

Pick of the Litter
He was just about to jump out of his car and go tell the boys what he thought of their behavior when his son shook his head no. Frankie kept walking towards the car, and finally the other boys left. Frankie opened the door and said, 'Hi Dad.'¯ ..read on

The Shamanic Approach To Healing For Animals by Nancie Lapier
These individuals were our first philosophers, prophets, priests, mystics, counselors, psychologists and doctors. Through ceremony and prayer ritual, the shaman explored exalted states of consciousness and their ecstatic spiritual experiences were re..read on

Book Excerpt: Old Habits Die Hard (A True Story About Animals) - by LeAnn R. Ralph
Dad said at this time of year nice weather would not last long, and in another month, we might have snow on the ground. We hadn't had weather this nice in more than a week, and I wanted to ride Dusty, my plump brown pony with the white mane and tail...read on

15 Resources For Tracing Your Family Ancestry
Well, I've found that the older you get, the more important your ancestry becomes. I'm not sure why. Maybe I have a broader perspective on things now. Maybe I'm just curious as to whether there was nobility in my family. Perhaps I'm looking for some ..read on

Surviving Family Trips
And while traveling with your family can often be a super way to spend quality time together, let's face it: it can also be stressful. Increase your chances of a fun, stress-free and safe vacation on the road with kids by following these simple tips:..read on

As Simple as Peace and Love
One month ago, I arrived in Marseille, France to spend the[pic1] year here as an au pair. I graduated from college four months ago and majored in French and Peace Studies, so having the opportunity to live in France and perfect my use of the languag..read on

The Blessing Of Transitions
The day literally turns into night as the earth spins and we must adapt to the darkness, as this is a time of rest. Sometimes things must be taken from us in order to force us to rest, regroup and transform. This week our family has been offered ..read on

Change Your Future: Simple Choices for Living a Successful Life by: Betsy Shulman
Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Yet this principle is rarely applied by a majority of the population, or by the majority of entrepreneurs who ought to be concerned about the business success mindset. Perhaps this explains why, on average, 50% of businesse..read on

The Weeping Willow
Also known as salix x sepulcralis, the Weeping willow is known for its drooping branches. This gives the tree the “falling canopy.” This excellent shade tree is always a demand for wholesale nursery growers. It also adds price value to any lawn. [..read on

Incorporating Bamboo into Your Landscape
Although most varieties of bamboo are native to Asia, perhaps bamboo's most famous role is in tropical tiki bar construction. A tiki bar just isn't a tiki bar without the characteristic bamboo poles and thatched roof. If you love the tiki-hut look an..read on

Loom Knitting is it Right for You?
Looms were used extensively in the medieval age in nations like Britain, France, Germany and many other places in Europe. People used the technique of loom knitting to knit bags, purses, tasseled caps, petticoats, shawls, hammocks, curtains, nets, pe..read on

Iraqi Kurdistan: Girls and Women Suffer the Consequences of Female Genital Mutilation
The 73-page report, "‘They Took Me and Told Me Nothing': Female Genital Mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan," documents the experiences of young girls and women who undergo FGM against a backdrop of conflicting messages from some religious leaders and heal..read on

Live a Joy Filled Life, Enjoy a Joyful Business: Become Your Own Happiness Ambassador
Our ability to simply be happy has a ripple effect that stems far beyond ourselves. And, as we put our entrepreneurial hats on, the reality is that people want to be around, and do business with happy people. Our ability to “be happy for no reason” (..read on

Multifaceted Femininity
Brains If school is no longer in session you must continue to study. Actually, self mastery will allow you to continue to evolve in this lifetime. You are either growing or shrinking. I think there’s nothing sexier than a woman who is strong, soft &..read on

Do You Realize That You\'re Living Someone Else\'s Dream?
This is most evident in people who are less fortunate and yet able to stay in good spirits. They've found a way to maintain inner peace regardless of their situation. I've come to know that part of the journey to finding inner peace is to understa..read on

How Female Hormonal Changes Can Contribute to Anxiety and Panic Attacks Read more: http://www.artic
Anxiety is one of the most common symptoms of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS), post-childbirth, and perimenopause (the period of time before the onset of menopause). It may take the form of panic attacks, nervousness, sweating, intense fear, anxiety com..read on

Facial Exercise: How To Look Younger Than Your Years
Facial exercise is your most important asset if you want to present a younger looking face to the world. Truly, your face is your calling card, your brand. Performing easy to use facial exercise will boost your self esteem and your confidence will..read on

Decorating with Photos: Ideas for Creating an Impressive Home Photo Gallery
Choosing Mats, Frames, and Glass Photos of the finest composition will not look nearly as impressive if they are improperly framed and matted. The first step in framing a photo is choosing a mat, and the mat can make or break the finished appearan..read on

5 Ways to Get Found Online
With the development of web, practically just about every tech freak desires to manage an web-based business to make funds conveniently plus instantly. But making money online is not an easy job as there is a lot of competition there too. You definit..read on

The Secrets Of A Happy Single Mom
When you're a single mom without your spouse or a significant other in your life all the responsibility falls on your shoulders. At times you?re both the mom and the dad. The playful parent and the disciplinarian. Most moms think they can handle e..read on

Stockings - Behind The Seam Lies An Interesting Story
The story goes that Reverend Lee fell in love with a young lady in his local village. Every time he visited her, his passion was crushed as all she did was to concentrate on her stocking knitting! Spurned the curate is said to have determined to desi..read on

Trapped in Saudi Arabia
In November 2007, Nazia flew to Saudi Arabia to visit her father, an Indian citizen who worked there. But after she arrived, he wouldn't let her leave. He was able to do that legally because in Saudi Arabia women live under a "guardianship system," w..read on

Rose Garden Tips
When you start to plan your rose garden, and begin planting the rose bushes, consider the color of the roses. If you plant roses of the same color next to each other, it will enhance the appearance of the rose garden. Too many varying colors mixed to..read on

Photography School is your Next Step to Becoming a Pro
The first class that is offered for the new student introduces them to the world of the digital camera and all that it offers the photographer. By using online access, DVDs, and a professional advisor that can be contacted at any time, the student wo..read on

Make A Sweater For Nothing With Free Knitting Patterns And Recycled Yarn
It is not just by collecting free knitting patterns that you can save money. You need to look around your house for knitted items that you no longer use. Look at any old sweater and ask yourself if you still like the style, maybe you never really lik..read on

Growing Goji Berries
Clinical studies have revealed that the content of beta-carotene in Goji berries is more than that of carrots, the content of protein is more than whole wheat and the content of vitamin C is about five hundred times more than oranges by weight. It i..read on

Attitude for Greatness
Now, how is your attitude, how is your dominant attitude? Is it positive, and expanding, or is it negative and limiting? What do you think you can achieve? Who do you think you are? What do you think about yourself? What do you think about other peop..read on

Believe Your Soul Mate is Out There
I believe that the Universe is always mirroring back to us our beliefs about ourselves and the world. If we believe the world is a loving and friendly place, then most of the time that will be our experience. If we believe the world is a chaotic, str..read on

To Grandma With Love
Most of my fondest memories are of time spent with my Grandmother. The trip to her house always seemed so long I could hardly wait to see her. I would ask my mom every few minutes, "How long 'till we get there?" Once there, warm hugs would follow. I ..read on

Be What You Want to Become
One of the most stressful situations we create for ourselves at home and at work is that we want changes from others and become frustrated when those changes don't take place. We want our bosses, our children, our spouses and our friends to change. W..read on

Journal Writing an Art?
Journal writing would appear to be easy. All you have to do is sit down, in whatever schedule you are able to muster, whether it is every day, once or twice a week, or even once every few months, to write about whatever is on your mind. Old memories ..read on

Home, Housework, Family
However, as anyone who likes Feng Shui will be happy to tell you; space is important. Every day I go to the library where I sit for several hours in a spacious room that has twenty-foot high ceilings, a large stained glass dome skylight. This room is..read on

Building A Darkroom At Home
There's something to be said about a door that literally cannot be opened and the impact of having no interruptions can have on your work. Sadly, we can't all pop down to the local darkroom any time we want, so a better alternative is to build one r..read on

How To Attract Butterflies And Build A Butterfly Garden
A butterfly garden or any open area with flowers that attract butterflies and provide food for the adults and caterpillars, a shallow butterfly pool for "muddling", a few flat rocks for sunning and a shelter from the high winds, bad weather and preda..read on

Scholarship Essay Help
In the coming paragraphs we will introduce you about the writing process and samples of some of the excellent essays. Every essay has three parts: The introduction, the middle and the conclusion or end. A) The introduction: No essay shoul..read on

From The Heart
Some of them had embroidered Tech symbols on them. The picture was beautiful but the story was sad because the squares had been carefully knitted by many different volunteers to later be sewn together for blankets and given to the victims of the sh..read on

Go Out and Do It!
Good Ideas Good ideas mean nothing if we don’t turn them into reality! I am absolutely brilliant at coming up with thousands of things to do, but not so brilliant at seeing all of them through to completion. So what I’ve learned to do is set out act..read on

The Human Consciousness
It reminds me that I feel something else I was meant to do, like I am not yet whole. In order to make up a whole human one must break down the human self into three distinct parts, called the three selves. The three selves are stacked on top of one a..read on

Red Wine - A Taste for Any Time
To optimize the experience, red wines need time to age, then a minute of time to breathe once opened before serving. They do not need to be chilled, and they go well with strong flavours and dark meats. In this article, different varieties of red ..read on

Rose Gardening –Tips on How to Grow Roses in Your Garden
The ancient Muslim poet, jurist, and theologian, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, may not have stumbled madly upon the very first rose back in 13th century Persia but he certainly immortalized it poignantly in his writing. Roses are believed to have or..read on

Women\'s Rights
Combatants and their sympathizers in conflicts, such as those in Sierra Leone, Kosovo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, and Rwanda, have raped women as a weapon of war with near complete impunity. Men in Pakistan, South Africa, Peru, Ru..read on

Remembering Long Lists
People learn by association, which is why young children learn the alphabet by use of recognition ie A- Annie Apple; B- Bouncing Ben and so on. A slightly more advanced, but equally effective technique is the journey method. This works by associat..read on

How to Deal With Difficult People
Some use the term ‘personality conflict’ to describe the situation, yet this suggests that there is some sort of unbreakable barrier and that the problem is somewhat unfixable, since it is highly unlikely somebody is going to change their entire pers..read on

How to Clean Old Needlepoint
It is sometimes necessary to clean needlepoint, especially if it has accumulated layers of dust or if it has stains. You can vacuum it, spot treat it or handwash it. Whichever method you choose to clean your old needlepoint, you must be very careful ..read on

How to find a job in the crowded field of the unemployed
So why wouldn’t you pursue the road less traveled, the road most people see as harder or more challenging? Think about whom you would hire. The top three things the top recruits have done that were unemployed: * Focus – They focus on targeted ..read on

How To Make Lasting Changes For New Year\'s or Any Time Of Year
This isn’t due to people’s lack of desire for a better life; it’s just a byproduct of the reality that change is difficult. Our habits become ingrained and automatic; changing them requires constant effort until a new habit is formed. This resource c..read on

A Different Kind of New Year\'s Resolution
There are two kinds of New Year's Resolutions: 1. What you are going to do to accomplish your goals 2. Who you want to be Many New Year's Resolutions are of the first kind: * I'm going to lose 25 pounds this year * I'm going ..read on

Visualization for Success in 2010
Do this: Imagine that you have a very large, flexibly stretchy bag. This bag can be any color you want, and made out of either a real substance or one you just made up. Now, put inside this bag everything that you felt held you back in 2009; th..read on

New Year! New You! Overcome Your Weight-Loss Obstacles in 2010
Opting for foods with protein, fat, and fiber will help you get on track. Most people fear fat however choosing the healthy fats actually make you feel full. Avoid sugar and processed foods. These foods rich in sugar will make you overeat because the..read on

Women and Heart Attacks - I Know you Have Heard the Sobering Facts - But Have you Really Heard Them?
[pic1]It's been three years and I'm still here! In remembering that Saturday morning I continue to be amazed. My symptoms had in no way sent out warning signals of an impending heart attack. I was just tired . . . ! I had been working a lot so it was..read on

The 12 Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Home Gardens or Containers for First Time Gardeners
Planting a few seeds in containers on your patio or in your backyard yields delicious, organic results - and money savings, too! Growing organic vegetables is easier than you think. Here are the 12 vegetables you will have no problem planting, tendin..read on

Who Else Wants a Home Vegetable Garden
Formerly it was the custom for gardeners to invest their labors and achievements with a mystery and secrecy which might well have discouraged any amateur from trespassing upon such difficult ground. Do not feel discouraged that you cannot be promi..read on

Your Knee-jerk Reaction Can Cause Stress
This happens when we as a norm experience a knee-jerk reaction for when things go wrong. It could happen if a child breaks a vase or we get yelled at in work. We have a negative response or we think negatively. If something happens that appears to be..read on

New Year\'s Resolutions - Learn How to Accomplish your Dreams
Many of us know about the tradition - might even actually make the resolutions - but then end up postponing them or ignoring them completely. A major study by the Human Quirk Index, a multi-national think-tank on human behavior, surveyed people in..read on

Stage a Christmas Craft Show - DIY Way to Launch Your Craft Business
If you have a passion for creating, and you have a houseful of products, this is one of the best times of year to make the leap from hobby to business. The best place to have your Christmas Craft Show, is your own house. It doesn’t have to be huge..read on

Have a Home Made Christmas!
No more wandering aimlessly through obscure stores or web pages searching for Christmas gifts as the hours before Christmas tick down to zero. With the economy being like it is this it the year for you to make the gifts you give for Christmas. ..read on

Bringing Back Quality Family Time With Christmas Stories
This is in no way more evident than at Christmas time. During Christmas everyone wants to experience magic and feel special, but many of us think that Christmas has become a marketable value - focusing more on commercialism - and becoming more and mo..read on

Windowsill Herb Garden –Six Herbs for Health
However there is a revived interest on the subject of herbal remedies as more and more people are resorting to alternative therapy like natural medicines and aromatherapy due to the side effects of allopathic drugs. Therefore, the next time you suffe..read on

Medieval Tapestry Designs
The Detail And The Timeless Nature Of Medieval Tapestry With the emergence of more detailed tapestry design the religious themes proved very popular. Used by churches to impart messages to the illiterate poor these wall hangings were exquisite mas..read on

Medieval Mystique: - The Lady & the Unicorn series
Throughout the ages, many different interpretations have been extracted from these complex tapestries. Yet no one can seem to agree on the precise breadth and depth of their meaning. Striking Medieval Art Each one of these artistic wonders offers ..read on

What are Knitting Looms?
A Knitting loom is a very old art that has been revived recently. It is known by different names such as: • frame knitting • rake knitting • ring knitting • box knitting • bung knitting • spool knitting • reel knitting • French knitting • ..read on

A Brief Overview of the Japanese Bonsai Tree
These are thought to have been kept for decorative purposes and the pictures date back to 4000 years ago! There are also records dating back more than 2000 years that show Bonsai being grown in China. The practice of growing trees in a pot was origin..read on

5 Reasons Not to Give Up
It’s now at the point of breaking that success comes. For those that can push through and continue they reap the rewards. The people that give up now are the people that never achieve anything. So no matter what you need to keep going, keep fighting ..read on

Women\'s Running Tips: Top 40 tips for women over 40 runners
I love to run and it's great to see research being done on older runners...the Stanford study that shows that running slows aging or the Yale study that shows that older marathon runners (women in particular) are improving their running times more th..read on

Single Working Moms Can Now Benefit From Obama\'s College Scholarships
In this day and age, that can be a terrible burden especially when there is not a partner to share the load. For these reasons, college is often the furthest thing from a single mom's mind. It may just be a pipe dream that seems unattainable. How..read on

Sheep To Shawl
Wool Preparation Instructions Select a fleece with a staple (fiber) length of at least two inches. Shorter fleeces can be spun without difficulty, but if you intend on using your handspun yarn for warp in weaving, the longer staple fibers will re..read on

I Told the US Government to Start Trusting Usfrom Suraya Pakzad, Afghanistan
Believing that half the population could not be ignored, I[pic1] set to work and founded my organization, the Voice of Women. We started by educating girls. Soon I realized that the mothers needed help too. Today we have a wide range of programs. ..read on

Afghanistan has become the standard-bearer for the treatment of women worldwide.from Nasrine Gross,
[pic1]We must stress that the activity of women in society is an act of Taqwa: a good deed. We can also insist that women must be in the peace councils that meet with the Taliban. I keep asking: Why not? Earlier this year I was a volunteer in the ..read on

A Woman\'s Place, in Lebanon
In the June parliamentary elections, only 12 women ran for office and only 4 were elected out of 128 seats. Since suffrage, in fact, only 17 women have served in Lebanon's Parliament. [extract3] The reasons are complicated but male domination of th..read on

Lebanon: Deadly Month for Domestic Workers
An estimated 200,000 domestic workers, primarily from Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Ethiopia, work in Lebanon. Four of the deaths are classified by police reports[extract2] or by the workers' embassies as suicides, three as possible work acciden..read on

Five Strategies to Better Learning
The more technology we create, the greater the need for learning, so anything that can aid us in learning better is very welcome. Here are five simple strategies that can increase learning and retention of information. The first learning strategy ..read on

The Most Serious Health Concerns for Women and What You Can Do
One issue that continually does get the attention it deserves is breast cancer. The breast cancer statistics are alarming, and almost everyone you know has a sister or mother who has suffered from this deadly disease. If caught early enough, it does ..read on

Searching Vital Records
Genealogy enthusiasts know the important role these records play in their genealogical researches to finish their family tree. However, even if you do not have plans of becoming a genealogist, sooner or later, you will need to access public vital rec..read on

Soul Choices and The Law of Attraction
There is order in our physical body, and order in the universe, so how could things happening in our life just be random? Do you think things just happen in life? Are we out there as the victim of circumstances? Whatever just shows up? I have nothing..read on

Believe Your Soul Mate is Out There
The basic law of attraction states that you will attract to you those things that match your state of belief. I believe that the Universe is always mirroring back to us our beliefs about ourselves and the world. If we believe the world is a loving..read on

Passion: Fire in Your Soul
Some have tried to cover it up with alcohol, numb it with drugs, hide it with shopping, kids, work, or religion, or fuel it with sex. The Baby Boomers looked for eternal youth and to change the world. They thought they would never grow up, but they d..read on

Why Not?
I would be more confident. I would be more adventurous. I would get more education and get a better paying job. I would choose satisfying and complimentary relationships. I would feel like I had a valid place in this world. As much time as I spen..read on

Considering Divorce? You Need an Exit Plan!
In fact, most women are in a worse place financially after it'sall said and done. With this said, you don't have to become a statistic. You have the power to come out ahead if you have a good plan of action. Pre-divorce planning is not about takin..read on

The Uniqueness of a Tea Gift or a Glass Teapot
In fact, the marketplace is flooded each year’s end with trendy and impractical items whose appreciation often won’t outlast the wrapping they come in. This scenario is played out again and again, raising the obvious question - what in the world can ..read on

The Hidden Meaning Behind Dreams
If you learn how to interpret your dreams by using this scientific method, you will be able to penetrate the hidden world of the unconscious and anti-conscience, in addition to understanding how your human conscience works. What does this mean? This ..read on

Bach Flower Remedies as natural remedies for ADHD
However through 10 years of our research and evaluation within the education system, with commendations from OFSTED and an international Award for the empowerment and inspiration of young people, to celebrate our research, we now know that that thi..read on

Fiber, the Secret Partner for Weight Loss
Dietary fiber (also known as roughage or bulk) includes all parts of fruits, vegetables, and grains that your body can't digest or absorb. Fiber is often classified into two categories: those that don't dissolve in water (insoluble fiber) and those t..read on

Protein and Weight Loss--the Truth Revealed
Yes! Protein has gained a great deal of attention in recent years and for good reason. While studies have shown that carbohydrates cause a swing in blood sugar (that signals the body to create body fat), protein actually helps to minimize your carboh..read on

Backgammon History – From Ancient Egypt to Online Backgammon
Here we will review the history of backgammon starting from 3000 B.C. until our computerized days. Backgammon has been recognized as the most ancient board game in history. It is believed that an early version of the game, called Wee Battle, used ..read on

India: Reveal Truth about Childbirth Deaths
[extract3] Aruna Kashyap, Asia Researcher for the Women’s Rights Division Representatives from around the world met on October 26, 2009, to review and reaffirm international goals for sexual and reproductive health, including maternal health. ..read on

Human Rights Angst Lingers In Afghanistan by Rachel Reid
Some members of Congress are so appalled by these fraudulent elections, they question the value of continued U.S. engagement. But any politician who followed Afghanistan closely knew that lawlessness and corruption was endemic in the Afghan governmen..read on

Operation Iraqi Freedom Enslaved Iraqi Women
Though these incidents did not deter Renda from attending classes, they have had a negative impact on the majority of the country’s students. According to a joint Ministry of Interior (MoE) and UNICEF study, 800,000 Iraqi children, 74 percent of whic..read on

Samira & Samir - A Story of Love and Freedom
Thus there comes this heart melting love story from Afghanistan, the land of branded terrorism where even the breeze bears on its shoulder the nasty smell of ammunition. Through the novel Samira & Samir the author Siba Shakib proves that outdated rel..read on

Island Resorts of Whitsunday, North Queensland
There are two many accommodations to spoil your backs for a night. Depending on your lifestyle and your budget you can choose among a variety of these accommodations. The Hayman Island, a five star award-winning Hayman in Australia's magnificent G..read on

Palm Cove, Cairns
This Australian tourists gem is an hour's boat ride away from adventuresome points of interest like the Great Barrier Reef, lavish rainforests including Rainforestation Nature Park, Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, and Kuranda Skyrail Rainforest Ca..read on

South Coast Holiday Rentals Your Family Will Love
Premium South Coast holiday rentals scattered among the diverse locations in the area are all unique and enchanting, catering to the needs and desires of just about every type of holiday traveler. The many miles of beaches, the ocean, the national..read on

Travelling Long Distances When Touring And Camping In Australia Tips
If you are not already used to driving long distances. Set yourself reasonable goals and take breaks at least every 2 hours, the following tips can be used as a guide next time you are planning to travel a long distance. It’s best to avoid driving..read on

So You\'ve Feft Your Holiday to the Last Minute
Most people choose to flock to the beach in droves during the summer period, but not this little white duck, my fair skin can only take so much sun (around 15 minutes max) before I'm burnt to a crisp and the heat of the sun drains the energy from my ..read on

Australian cuisine
Australian cuisine is one of the most exotic and diverse in the world: from meat cakes and vegetarian sandwiches to kangaroo fillet with fried onion. The cuisine reached its prosperity not so long ago in the 1990s. This was the period when lots of ne..read on

The Fascination Of Victoria, Australia
In the west of the State, explore the Grampians, or the Gariwerds as they are traditionally known, where you will discover over 60 different sites depicting traditional Aboriginal drawings. For one of the most spectacular drives in Australia, take a ..read on

Top Australian Spa And Retreat Holidays
With so many spas appearing lately it can be difficult to know which ones really deliver what they promise, where you are sure to come away from your holiday feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Australian Spa and Retreat Holidays: 1. Ca..read on

Premier Gold Coast Australia Holidays – Surfers Paradise
For instance, Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast Australia draws a lot of attention for its Fly Coaster. This is very similar to the bungee jumping experience because it allows you to experience a complete free fall. You start with one to three people st..read on

Love Always Returns - A Halloween Ghost Story
It was the late 60's. We started telling ghost stories one by one. All of a sudden we all simultaneously heard a woman scream in our heads. This was to set the stage for the events to follow. My roommate Billie's father Tom, had died mysteriou..read on

Spiritual Growth - How Traversing the \"Three Layers\" of a Person Can Lead to Satisfaction
The top layer consists of the stories we run in our heads about ourselves, about others and our experiences. This is the level of the mind and rationale, and it's what we say to ourselves and others especially about things that concern us or that we ..read on

How Shall I Begin?
Openings create a work’s theme music and provide the first information readers receive. They should be wonderfully interesting and should raise questions in your reader’s minds. Your first few paragraphs should have readers wondering, Who/what is..read on

Before You Write
The most common reason is that the writer doesn’t know enough about the four essential components of a successful book. It may surprise you to know that the first and most important of these components is the self. 1) self -- Many writers get an i..read on

Relaxation Herbs – How Tea Can Help You Relax at Home
Chamomile Tea – The Common Way to Relax with Tea Chamomile Tea (also spelled camomile tea) is a well-known tea to help people who have trouble sleeping. Its aroma helps release tension and prepares your body and mind for a relaxing night. It doe..read on

Healthy Recipes For Healthy Living Includes The Apple
The pectin in the reddest apples has among the most antioxidants of any natural food. Science continues to show cases of high priced medications contain potent versions of what we are eating naturally all the while. A healthy recipe for healthy livin..read on

Folk Art - Craft From the Past
Simply, it was adopted in America early last century to describe works made by people who had never had any formal training in carving a decoy duck or sewing a quilt for instance. Previously terms such as "naive" or "primitive" had been used to descr..read on

Louis Quatorze (XIV) 1643-1715
Le Roy Soldi ruled with a magnificence and state unknown since the days of the Roman Empire. Colbert, his able minister, gathered famous artists and craftsmen together and housed them in the Louvre under royal patronage. [pic1] Early in his reign t..read on

How to Get Started With Knitting
She taught me to cast on, and knit, and I was so excited I took my knitting everywhere.. it was all uneven and horrid, but I was excited that I had learned something new, and still love to knit to this day! I am left handed, and always found many ..read on

Discover Why Knitting Is A Great And Timeless Hobby That You Can Benefit From
Living in a fast paced society, many people need to do something to distress and relax. One of the great benefits of knitting is that it is a splendid stress reliever. It helps to free the mind and hence, it is regarded as a wonderful outlet for an o..read on

Basic Knitting Tips for Beginners
Multi-taskers will find that knitting works well for them. Throughout time, groups of women have been known to sit and knit while chatting with friends and family. You can watch your kids and knit at the same time as well, making knitting a great hob..read on

7 Ways you Can Feel Comfortable in a Knitting Group Meeting
Then, visit this list of knitting groups in Los Angeles, CA or US, to attend a meeting near you. Have fun making new friends to share knitting ideas and projects. Here are 7 ways you can feel comfortable in a knitting group meeting: 1) Talk wit..read on

What Does Provence Have to Offer?
But Provence has a lot more to offer than the above. If architecture is your thing, then you will be seriously impressed with all of the Roman architecture throughout Provence. The magnificent Theatre Antique which is still in use for concerts and op..read on

Things To Do In Australia - Tasmania
Sometimes referred to as the Natural State, or the Island of Inspiration, almost 40 percent of Tasmania’s land is preserved as a World Heritage Listed area. This temperate island paradise boasts 20 national parks, and the mild sunny climate makes thi..read on

Travel to Australia: Making Memories Down Under
With that in mind, when it comes to figuring out what type of Australia holiday will be most enjoyable to you, when it comes to finding out which Australia accommodation will best meet your needs, you need to consider what the purpose of your travel ..read on

France Wants Happiness Included in Progress Measures by Lisa Bryant
[pic1]US Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz (R) and French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde after meeting French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris, 14 Sep 2009US Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz (R) and French Finance Minis..read on

Humour Your Way to Success
The degree to which that person will find something humorous will depend on a lot of factors that include but are not limited to: age, gender, intelligence, maturity, education, culture, upbringing, geographical location, religion, context and health..read on

Humour and Jokes For Happy Life by Gen Wright
The wavering of emotional level, low blood sugar, heart disease, overactive thyroid and is also considered by science to some causes of frustration. What makes a object of such complexness that frustration is actually distinguishable from person to p..read on

China\'s Handmade Embroidery - Embroidered Silk Visual Art
Since the earliest fabric samples of 3000 B.C. People in China realise that human beings have wanted to enliven their surroundings clothing, toiletries and linens by adding hand work of some kind over the woven fabrics. Different areas of the devi..read on

Knitting with Alpaca
[pic1]1 In centuries past, the alpaca was an incredibly valuable animal, even more so than precious gems! Clothing created with alpaca was restricted for use by royalty. The alpaca has been domesticated and is treated as one of Peru's national treasu..read on

Earthworms are a gardener\'s best friend
Many studies prove that when compared to conventional composts, vermicompost is less variable and much more stable. Mixing vermicompost into the planting medium essentially eliminated the need for additional fertilizer in the production of tomato ..read on

Is My Child Ready For A Family Pet?
There are many things you should consider as a family. What kind of pet? What kind of pet would fit into your life style best. There are many options from large dogs to little fish. You s consider the needs of each and what you think will fit i..read on

How Old is Your Pet- Really?
I’m sure you’ve heard of the old “seven year theory”. You know, the system where each year of a dog or cats life is the equivalent of 7 of ours. An example of this thinking would be that a 1 year old dog would be the age and developmental equal of a ..read on

Five Keys to Job Satisfaction
If your snooze button is getting a work out, you’re not alone. A recent Gallup poll found that fifty percent of working Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs. Hmmm, that’s starting to sound like a familiar divorce statistic. When I started wo..read on

Stre-e-e-etch Your Imagination by Rosella Aranda
This one quote alone is a pretty compelling reason to learn how to turn our imaginative genius loose. All of us have a fairly vivid imagination, but unfortunately, we do not control it. It controls us. It runs willy-nilly on its own, painting p..read on

Plan Your Day and Stick to Your Plan by Inez Ng
One way to do that is to become an exceptional planner of your day. It is not very difficult – just takes some basic knowledge and a lot of discipline. As a coach, I can help you with both, but the knowledge is what I’ll cover right now. Set asid..read on

Eliminating Mental Clutter...The Key To Better Productivity AND Peace Of Mind
I have been called a “super woman” by my friends. They do not understand how I can accomplish so much, and yet always seem to be so relaxed and happy. They want to know my secrets. [extract1]My secrets?? I have but one…and it really is as simpl..read on

Life Without Limits—There Are No Restrictions—Everything is Endless and Abundant by Cindy Herb
Why do you believe you are limited? Why are most children so joyous? Could it be that they do not see danger and live without limits? What changed? Do you remember, as a child, your parent stopping you from touching fire or putting your finger in ..read on

Something You Should Know for Building a Perfect Home Feng Shui
First. Do not Keeping Too Many Mirrors in Your Home In the Feng Shui theory mirror is one kind of lunar and negative articles and it is easy to recruit bad fortunes, if there are too many mirrors in the home they will cause too much money consumpt..read on

Pottery Art in China With a Long History
[pic1]"Tao (pottery)", according to the figure described in oracle bone inscriptions, it implies a person who was squatted and sit on the ground, with a tool just like a wood stick modeling clay. Through sintering adobes will form into ceramics, whic..read on

Using an Embroidery Hoop with Cross Stitch
There are many different hoops to choose from the most popular being the hand held hoop which is available in defferent sizes from 4" diameter to 12" diameter. The choice is down to personal preference, others hoops on the market the hoop is on a sta..read on

History of Textiles--an Overview
The Chinese developed the silk looms and wove brocades of such beauty that they are cherished as museum pieces and used for inspiration to this day. For a long time the secret of the origin of silk fiber was carefully guarded. Silk cocoons were ev..read on

Supplements that Help Boost the Immune System by Megan Hazel
There are more immune-deficiency diseases lurking out there than ever before, and even your common cold is a result of a weakened immune system. We can look at some of the most effective and popular supplements to help boost your immune system and ke..read on

Creating a Conversation at Your Next Dinner Party
Silence around the dinner table happens to even the most experienced and prepared hostesses. Avoid disappointment and anxiety and plan a few conversation starters ahead of time. It's not that your guests think your party is terribly boring or are unc..read on

Inspirational Gardens of the Beautiful Loire Valley
[pic1]hateau Villandry is a gem and a must see for any one with a vegetable garden in need of some inspiration. Chateau Chaumont on the banks of the Loire River holds a spectacular international garden festival every summer. Peony and rose lovers sho..read on

The Inspiring Garden at Chateau Villandry in the Magnificent Loire Valley, France
[pic1] At that time Villandry when Dr Carvallo purchased the property it was on the point of being demolished. It had been disfigured by additions, fake windows, the walling up of the arches and the moat had been filled in. DrJoachim Carvallo envisa..read on

What Makes Up a Good Mediterranean Garden?
The Mediterranean garden also includes things made of stone, concrete or ceramics and can include fountains or ponds that lend a cooling and relaxing atmosphere to the garden. In a true Mediterranean garden there are plants and trees that are of ..read on

Creating A Butterfly Garden
A great way to bring these lovely creatures closer to your home is with the construction of a garden that includes plants known to attract butterflies. In order to build a successful butterfly garden, you’ll need to consider how to nurture butterflie..read on

A Garden for the Birds
These feathered creatures add dimension to every part of your garden. There songs create a lovely atmosphere, and showy colors rival even your most elaborate blooms in beauty. Birds do not flock to just any garden, however, so you'll need to know wha..read on

Thyme - One of the Most Widely Used Herbs Thanks to the Romans
Thyme is considered by many herbalists as the very nearly perfect useful herb. The name may refer to any or all members of the plant genus Thymus, common [pic1]thyme, Lemon Thyme, Thymus vulgaris, and some other species that are used as culinary herb..read on

Use Plant Lights to Bring Your Garden Indoors
Plant lights use special types of light bulbs, usually fluorescent, halide, high pressure sodium, or LED, which are different from incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulbs. Grow lights are also known as grow lamps. Grow lamp bulbs emit either ..read on

Working Beyond the Rules to Send Gaza Hope
Since putting out an email call for blankets,[pic1] clothing, and food for Gaza, Lee Ziv, 28, and Hadas Balas, 25, have already delivered seven large trucks of supplies to the people in Gaza, with more to come. Confirmation has also been received tha..read on

Tribal Jirga Aims to Punish Remarried Woman
[pic1]According to a statement issued here by the Progressive Women's Association (PWA), Fatima was a resident of Swat district and had been forced out of her home due to threats against her family and relatives. In 2005, she was forced to marry h..read on

The Girl Child Network Turned Ten
Girls of power And girls of the poor with great potential Girls destined And girls distanced I have seen them all in one decade Organizations of friends And organizations of foes Organizations infiltrated And organizations filtered Oh oh n..read on

What Can Sudan Learn from Iran\'s Green Revolution?
However, I see few words or actions from the[pic1] Sudanese people, political parties, or Sudan’s independent civil society in support of Iranians who have risked and continue to risk their lives for the truth under oppressive conditions and through ..read on

Indian Women - The Power Trapped
English education was sought for professional development in the process of remodeling the society and women received ample attention. Social reformers and administrators as well realized that social transformation could take place only by the spread..read on

Women’s Education in Modern Times
Comprise 33.3% of the official labour force, perform nearly 66.6% of all working hours, receive 10% of the world’s income & own less than 1% of world properly. This alone justifies, serious, positive, down to earth policy on empowerment of women. It ..read on

5 Know How Tips for the Raw Food Beginner
Fear not, dear reader! These 5 know how tips will give any raw food beginner the confidence and the know-how to succeed on a low fat, raw vegan diet. You'll be a thriving raw foodist in no time. [pic1]#1: Know How to Pick Good Quality Fruit T..read on

Overcoming Challenges Easily!
Challenges are a very normal part of life. Many people [extract2]look at challenges and cringe, but the reality is that challenges help move us forward in our lives. We would be stopped in our tracks and stand still without challenges, we would never..read on

Motivation for You, Me and Everyone Else!
Finding Motivation in the Little Things Are you one of those people that have a difficult time finding the motivation to get things done? One of the biggest misconceptions in life is that motivation will simply fall into your lap and everything wi..read on

Traditional Craftswomen Step into Modern World
We know that cars, planes and modern transportation systems allow for rapid travel, increased dissemination of goods, and the spread of cultural identity. But in a nation like Indonesia, comprised of 17,000 islands, change takes time. For Grandma Suk..read on

Somebody Had to Do It. So I Did
[pic1]During the first training our instructor told us, "If you go back to the way it was before, you haven't learned anything here. You need to start your own organizations." The older women were afraid to change anything, and we all felt some loyal..read on

An Introduction to International Trade
The first step you would take when looking into international trading would be examining your business here in the UK, this would make it easier to start looking for a market internationally that might compliment your own. It's simply a case of thoro..read on

Golden Keys to Your Successful Web Site
All entrepreneurs, aiming to succeed in Cyber Space, want to see their website as No.1 on the Search Engines. To achieve this it is essential you do several things, but most important of all you must have quality content, accompanied with a lot of ha..read on

The Wearing O\' the Green
Shamrocks are everywhere even if their signature emerald green is not quite aligned with today's fashion palette which features more avocado, pear and lime shades - a green with much more yellow than blue. As well, green has become a strong symbol of..read on

Greater Communication for Military Families
Ashley, like other military families has relied on cell phones and email to contact loved ones. The challenge is that the children do not understand why mom has to be away all the time. They give grandma a hard time because after she is not mom and t..read on

7 Things to Consider When Buying a Motorhome
They are a great way to explore the country (or even the cotenant) as they give you the freedom to see what you want when you want without the constraints of tour guides, flight times and other deadlines often associated with holidays. How often w..read on

When It Comes To The Effects Of Aging, It\'s Best To Keep Your Chin Up!
Nora says her dermatologist told her that a woman's neck starts to go at age 43. That is exactly when it happened to me. If you’re reading this, and you are not yet 43, go look at your neck in the mirror and adore it. Take photos of it. Appreciat..read on

Fear of Going on the Street
The college girl of Maulana Azad Medical College was traumatised the same way called as a gang rape. A gang rape in 2002 committed by three minors who dragged the fourth year medical student to the ruins of the fort where the crime was committed. ..read on

How to Make a Simple Bookmark in Counted Cross Stitch
So what do you need to make a bookmark? Design Left over aida from a larger project Threads Needle Fabric of a similar weight to your stitched item. (optional) The width of the bookmark will probably be dictated by the aida you have..read on

Cross Stitch as a Hobby
Not only do the crosses define the design but also the use of colours. [pic1]Over the centuries children made cross stitch samplers to improve their stitching skills. These normally would include the alphabet,numbers, their name, the year it was ..read on

History of Cross Stitch
Catherine of Aragon, the Spanish first wife of Henry VIII has brought blackwork in England. Blackwork is thought to have influenced the development of cross-stitch. Catherine of Aragon used to stitch herself the King's shirts. [pic1] Books with c..read on

Women Empowerment and Social Development Abstract
The results also suggest that policies to raise women’s age at marriage, enhance their educations and open greater employment opportunities will also help to empower them, at least in some respects. Our goal is to cause policy, institutional and indi..read on

Enlightenment at the metro
Sometimes, when we hear words like “enlightenment”, we think about a reality very far from us. We feel that it is something that has nothing to do with us or with our life. We feel that the word belongs to a buddhist monastery, out of real life. But ..read on

The Healing Power of Love and Good Relationships
Having close relationships and intimate ties to other human beings is not only good for our mental and emotional health; it is also good for our physical health as well. This is a fact which nobody can deny; there is too much evidence which proves..read on

Life Changes: Climbing out of the Box
What benefits did you get by creating this as a habit in your life? How did it make you feel when you first noticed this behavior in your life? How does it make you feel when you do this behavior? How does this behavior or belief code affect your rel..read on

Life Changes: Creating Infinite Abundance
Limiting belief codes keep many at the level of poverty. This need not be so. Consider what good you could do in the world if you had more than you needed. At the least, you could free up a tremendous amount of time and energy that is currently expen..read on

Plan an Australian Tour
Alluring destinations, friendly and warm hospitality, spectacular sceneries, exotic animal and plant life, astonishing natural resources and pleasing weather are some of the renowned traits of this continent. [pic1] To explore the country in the be..read on

Discover Trieste...
[pic1] Whether you are in a group, with your family or just your spouse, Trieste has a host of activities for everyone, be it enjoying life as it was in Roman times, looking at stunning architecture or enjoying the local sights and culture ? you wil..read on

Wildlife Activities in India
[pic1]Camel safari The Camel is popularly known as the ship of the desert for its speed. If you ever dreamt of an unforgettable adventure, you should try a camel safari in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan to explore the vast ocean of sands with cacti ..read on

Patna Museum
Located on the Buddha Marg, Dedarganj, in Patna, it is one of the oldest museums in Bihar. Built during the British Raj in India, it was opened to the public in the year 1917. The Museum revels the great history of Bihar. Locally it is known as the J..read on

Hotels Made for a Cuba Honeymoon
Cayo Coco Cayo Coco is one of a chain of islands called Jardines del Rey ("King's Gardens") on the north shore of Cuba. Taking your Cuba honeymoon here will mean walking on beaches you will only have dreamed of - with the white sand and bright opa..read on

Top Five Beaches for Holidays
[pic1]Red Island Beach, Croatia Croatia is a destination with over 125 blue flag beaches, making it the perfect place for a holiday in the sun. Of all the beaches in the country, the best is easily the relatively unknown Red Island Beach, which is..read on

Create Your Own Jewellery
In addition, the stringing materials should also contribute to the aesthetic quality of your jewelry. There are countless choices of materials in many colors and widths. Consider the weight and size of the of beads and components you will use as well..read on

Make your own Jewellery
Beading is a simple hobby to get started with and you can begin immediately without taking a series of classes or spending an excessive amount of money on specialty supplies. Beading and jewelry making is also therapeutic and is a great opportunity t..read on

Creative Beading Projects for Kids
Older children can stay occupied for hours with projects that are slightly more advanced but not overwhelming. Using beads also helps children refine motor skills and gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment by creating something they can treas..read on

A Quilt that Blossoms in Your Lap
What materials to purchase: 1/4 yard of fabric. (Greens; at least eight different shades) The green fabric will make your foliage. 3/4 yards of background fabric. Creamy colors or your choice of colors: If you want the blossom lap however, choo..read on

The Role of Freezer Paper in Quilting
How to freeze your paper: Appliqué is the process of taking fabric pieces and sewing it onto prime fabric, which the shaped pieces are sewn onto a foundation to form patterns and designs. To start with, the steps in freezer paper cut your appliq..read on

Making Wall Hangers with Ease
Let's get started: Now understand that we are not talking about making something that will hang on your wall, rather we are speaking of a quilt. The notion behind the wall hangers is to assist beginners, since it is one of the easiest in the craft..read on

Starting a Quilt
Cutting the strips: When you begin to cut your strips, you will need to align your fabric, mark, etc. Use a ruler to decide the width and start cutting once you reach your desired dimensions. For instance, if you want to create a 2-inch strip, locat..read on

Taking the Mystery out of Reading Old Master Paintings
[pic1]We take for granted what the minds eye can see on many levels, for instance when we look at a painting that showcases an Orange or an Orange tree we automatically regard it as unimportant. What we don’t realize is that the Orange or Orange tree..read on

Women of India
Non-elite women fought against the British colonialists. Moved by the hunger of their children, the British confiscation of their land (which was their means of livelihood), and oppressive taxes, women participated alongside men in `famine revolts' i..read on

Women’s Political Struggle in Nepal: a Shared History of South Asia
In the past two-and-a-half centuries, the country has been ruled by 13 kings. For a century of isolation between 1850-1950, a feudal family—the Ranas—who called themselves kings, ruled Nepal. During their regime, the people were deprived of fundament..read on

The role of women during the Crusades
Before the Crusades, women would be used to running the households for as long as their husbands would serve the King, but this would not take longer than two or three weeks. However, when the Crusades were launched, it would take months to get a mes..read on

Ultimate Balance for Moms
There has never been a definitive answer, and probably never will be a solution that’s right for every family. But, thanks to modern technology, we now have a third option; one that seems to strike the most balance between working outside the home an..read on

Scrapbooking with Office Supplies: A Money Saving Alternative
[pic1]The first thing to consider when using office supplies in your page layouts is the overall topic of your scrapbook. For example, is this the kind of scrapbook that has a very informal theme to it – a way for you to chronicle events shared with ..read on

How to Become an Artist
Artists Universe has taken the best features from other social networking sites such as live chat, blogs, forums, and more, and tailored them to the needs of artists everywhere. From music to dancing, painting and everything in between, no other webs..read on

1900s-1960s - Historic Changes In Women\'s Fashion
Women's roles influenced popular clothing styles, as seen through the length of hemlines, the layers of clothing worn, the types of shoes worn, and what was considered to be in fashion in general during a particular period of time. Following are some..read on

Here Comes Menopause
Normally this condition will start by the time a woman has reached the age of fifty (the average age is fifty one) but it does vary and some women it may start much earlier. There have been cases when a woman has shown early signs of menopause even i..read on

The Future Looks Bright for Women
This oppression continued and went farther by stopping women from getting education, work, ambitions, opinions, and dreams. The goal was to erase the women's personalities and replace them with the form that others chose instead. However, the magi..read on

Piecing the Peaces with Fabric Art
Just before I arrived the Israeli government had assassinated a Palestinian leader and Palestinian suicide bombers had killed not only themselves but several Israelis. The Israeli government responded by not allowing over 100,000 Palestinian commuter..read on

Sister, Don\'t Be Discouraged
[pic1]Alaha Ahrar, Afghanistan. April 2009 Afghan woman, don't be discouraged, desperate. You are a champion Even though they have kept you far from knowledge Be a fighter, try to seek knowledge So that you may be wis..read on

My Life Has Turned into a Hopeful One - Chantal Nimugire
This was indeed a very sad and painful experience since[pic1] the families where I stayed did not care to provide for me. In this situation, I greatly realized the importance of staying with your parents. Out of my situation, I developed love, car..read on

New Law Hurts All Afghan Women, Not Just the Shia
Islam is a religion based on justice and equality. It emphasizes education and the rights of men and women. It is not just to have different laws for different women of the same country. Inside someone's own country, differences! Why? [pic1] As ..read on

How to Get Your Kids to Do Organization for the Home by JILL BORASH
Finding how to get and stay organized is as well a tremendous learning experience for your children that can help them in producing fantastic continuing organizing habits. Organisation is a crucial life skill that is essential for your children to ma..read on

Entrepreneurial Woman: Find Your Passion by Aunice Reed
The more you love what you do, the more disciplined you will be with it. You work harder at it, because you are enjoying what you do. If you are feeling bored with life, chances are you are not doing what you love. Chances are, you are not following ..read on

How To Take Inspired Action by Ruth Hegarty
That’s why you have to start with the inner stuff before you take action. Otherwise, you will most likely be taking action from the place of seeing what’s missing. It can be a challenge to allow the action to take a temporary back seat. I promise you..read on

Sweat The Small Stuff A counter- intuitive approach to professional success by LINDA KAPLAN
When I decided to start my own agency over a decade ago, I knew I needed a great partner to make it work. But after interviewing several well-qualified and talented candidates, I still hadn’t met the right person. A friend and mutual client sensed my..read on

Setting a Goal for Success by GAYLE RAMSEY
It’s easy to get distracted at home because that’s where you entertain much of your personal life as well, but there are ways to be successful in both your professional and personal life when working for yourself and one of those ways is to set a goa..read on

Manage Your Commitments, Not Your Hours! by COOKIE TUMINELLO
[pic1]When I tell my clients that they are the pilots and they do have the power to change their lives, they look at me as if I'm speaking a foreign language. Yes, we can be our worst enemy and we often shoot ourselves in the foot on a regular basis...read on

Women Emancipation—A Step Closer to a Brighter Future
Though, in remote villages of India their situation is no better — a girl child is still frowned upon and is considered a disgrace to the family, they are malnourished, bulimic and their health is detoriating without proper vaccination. Women emp..read on

Embroidery Thread Choices
Your first choice to make will be the fiber that you are going to use. Each fiber has its pluses and minuses, so you may need to experiment in order to find the perfect fiber choice. You will have to consider thread density and the material that you ..read on

Embroidery Stabilizers
There are four basic types of embroidery stabilizers: Cutaway, Tearaway, Water Soluble and Heat Removable. Cutaway stabilizers are permanently attached to the fabric you are embroidering, while the others are removed once you are done sewing. These s..read on

Natural Dyes – Why Use Them?
Naturally dyed yarns are full of pleasant surprises as well as being great motivators. You will find that you cannot wait to get back to work on your knitted jumper, cotton quilt or woven cushion and you will probably end up with very few unfinished ..read on

The Delights of Wine
An example of the heights to which this art of selection can develop was furnished one spring day by that California oenophile, Dr. Salvatore Pablo Lucia. He was visiting a few cellars in the Santa Clara Valley, sampling the newly fermented, still ye..read on

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Pigment Oil Stains
Advantages: • Pigment oil stains are easily prepared. • They are very versatile, and are ideal for all kinds of woodwork from plinth blocks to custom millwork. • They are very easy to apply, even by children. • They do not raise the grain..read on

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Where Are the Women Entrepreneurs?
While it has taken a long time, and we are not completely there yet, women by the thousands march out of their homes very day, to go about doing many jobs and the men no longer have a monopoly! Yet, when it comes to big business and corporate managem..read on

Make Your Own Book
To make a brand new book or restore an old one, use these tips on how to fix or make a book with this bookbinding method from Japan. It should take you less than sixty minutes. To create or mend a book, you'll need the following: Metal gouging ..read on

Many Benefits When Scrapbooking
When I was first introduced to scrapbooking via my church family, I told them I had neither time nor energy to invest in creating pages of photos matched up with paper and cute little embellishments. I thought those people were crazy staying up all h..read on

Luck And Abundance Is On Your Side!
This is believing without seeing?! And this is all it takes to bring your own luck back into your life! I know this is hard to do but it is possible for each and every person, as there is more then enough of whatever you want in your life RIGHT NO..read on

How to Change Your Life With an Altered State of Consciousness!
There are many different ways to reach altered states of consciousness: 1. Recorded Audios-which bring you into the moment of NOW and manifest your desires! 2. Subliminal Audios-which work on a subconscious level of re-programming the conscious s..read on

What Everyone Wants To Know About Death, Dying & The Other Side
Everyone is scared of dying and death. I can understand as well as at one point in time or another we will all go through this process. But I have come to find in my own personal experiences working with my abilities and helping others that this is n..read on

The Health Benefits Of Outdoor Rocking Chairs
But did you know that aside from being fun and looking nice, rocking chairs actually possess a number of proven therapeutic benefits that make them far more than just a chair. Here are some of the ailments whose symptoms are medically proven to be al..read on

What Is A Bonsai Ficus Ginseng
Depending on the planter size, most anything can be grown within, especially is care is taken to choose more dwarf or bush varieties, which take up even less space. [pic1]Some of the best vegetables for garden planters include the following: To..read on

Flower Preservation Tips: How to Get the Most Life From Your Flowers
The uses are varied. However the problem with flowers is that they tend to wither and die after a short time. The good news is that there are methods by which you can slow the dying process, getting more enjoyment from your flowers. [pic1]Altho..read on

Planning Your First Garden
So, before you start - just stop! Most people will simply drive off to the local DIY and garden centre and go and buy whatever they first lay their eyes on. Do not fall into this trap. Whilst is it very tempting to rush out and do this, it's a really..read on

The Art of Being Present Part II
When we think in terms of roles in life, we split ourselves up into parts – a father role, a mother role, a teacher role, a student role – we are not our whole self. Many times, we feel the pressure of social expectations which cause us to believe th..read on

The Art Of Being Present
Such an awakened heart cannot respond indifferently to life because it sees the outstretched hand of the Creator at every turn and in every particle of experience. It cannot turn away from feeling, no matter what feelings may occur, because it percei..read on

Coming Together In The Light
Yet, the heart may at times be overshadowed by the mind, with its rational and analytic gifts. This mind, when given priority in determining our view of life, can bring forward new understandings and visions of the possible, but it can also prevent u..read on

Retirement Hobbies - Remember the Joy of Lifelong Learning
I attended an Irish speaking school, The North Monastery, and thanks to some enlightened teachers, I developed a life long interest in the Irish language. I was a fluent Irish speaker when I completed my secondary education in 1964. Also, I spent ..read on

Crocheting is one of the highest paying hobbies!
Crocheting is one of the highest paying hobbies. [pic1]Crochet thread is often inexpensive while still being durable, washable, and delicate in appearance. Crocheted table cloths, curtains, for more details visit to www.positive-idea.com and bedsprea..read on

Dietrich Bonhoefer’s Niece: Renate Bethge
Eberhard Bethge had willingly and passionately taken up the burden of publishing Bonhoeffer’s papers, of explaining and interpreting his theological legacy, and of keeping the memory of a great Christian alive in a modern world that was often hostile..read on

Know your number, rule your future
There are different things and arts that can help people to unveil many things - Palmistry, Tarot card reading, astrology and numerology. Numerology is different in a sense that it may not give you some discreet ideas about the things which will b..read on

The wisdom of accurate prediction
Astrology is far from a new concept, and it has been held in the highest regard by many prominent figures throughout history. It is an art form of the ancients, and a tool for all those who seek its answers. You see, the future is never fixed. Any fu..read on

Psychic Consulting and Healing
The people are referred to as mediums and psychics. The Psychics use aura reading, channeling, spirit guides, clairvoyance, intuition, numerology and astrology. Others can feel clairaudience which is the ability to hear sounds that cannot be heard no..read on

The Latest On Confidence And Self-Esteem
It influences every aspect of their lives, most prominently their relationships. Self-esteem impacts job performance, raises, promotions, and work locations--the bottom line being quality of life. It is a massive concern. I think of self-esteem as be..read on

Assertiveness - The Basics Of...
The short answer is "speak up." The more complete answer is we first have to understand what assertiveness is and what it is not. Let me tackle the last part first. Assertiveness is not aggression. It is not yelling, name calling or doing anything..read on

How To Eat Big And Lose Weight
The main complaint people on diet programs have is that they simply cannot handle the fact they are consistently hungry. Because of that weight loss experts from around the world concentrated on finding certain foods that would allow people to eat an..read on

Treat Yourself to a Diet That Helps Rheumatoid Arthritis
Treatments for overcoming Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) This list includes both natural rheumatoid arthritis diet and alternative arthritis remedies for curing arthritis, as well as artificially prepared drugs and other medications. Though it may seem c..read on

Conscious Political Leadership - The Law of Attraction Leader
Respect is not something that is given solely based on tenure, testimonials, or talking points. Respect is earned when a leader takes the time to know, understand, and incorporate their followers (their community, their employees, their world, etc.) ..read on

How to make dyes from natural sources like plants
Many dyes are available and they are formed by different ways and used in different applications depending on the manufacturing process. Dyes can be formed by using artificial means like using chemicals, acids etc. However, dyes can also formed i..read on

Achieving a Dream Career Takes Risk - by Anita
I have a friend who creates art quilts. Art quilts are just that: expressive art that uses a quilt instead of a canvas as its medium. She has begun to achieve some notoriety for her art and when you see her quilts hung next to quilts that have be..read on

Understanding A Defiant Teenager - by Aurelia Williams
Who is this person - this teenager screaming at you across the dinner table? What did you do to deserve such aggression and hostility? And, most importantly, what should you do? Should you ignore the behavior? Yell and scream yourself? Run away and h..read on

Flavor It Up with Salsas - by Jane Butel
Stemming from a political past in Mexico, the original salsa was the Salsa Fresca, often confused with Pico de Gallo. The difference being that Pico by definition should always be much hotter, flavored with some form of jalapenos or habaneros whereas..read on

The Health Benefits Of Wine - by Fiona Muller
In fact, in the early 1990s there was a programme broadcast on television called the French Paradox which started all the discussion about wine and the health benefits of it. This programme concluded that red wine consumed on a regular basis may decr..read on

Good Health Can Be As Simple as Taking a Walk - by Lyn Jaffee
The good news is that regular exercise can be as easy as taking a walk. That's right, what most of us do on a regular basis, but a little more of it. Walking can improve the health of your heart and lungs, help prevent osteoporosis, tone your muscles..read on

Overeaters: Are You Sabotaging Your Diet Through Fear? - by Liz Copeland
You lose a little weight then it all gets a bit scary and you stop dieting? And then all the weight mysteriously comes back. Or you stick to the diet all day but then in the evening you crave and long for food? And not just any food but the naught..read on

Embrace Change, Embrace Possibilities - by Jennifer N. Reed M.A.
Change – much like life - is not black and white. It is easy for us to think in those simplistic terms, though life is essentially mostly “in the gray.” Think of a few instances when changes occurred in your life which brought you joy – a marriage, t..read on

Are you Lazy - or Overwhelmed - by Susan Creal
Tips To Increase Your Productivity At Home and At Work Being productive is an important part of running a good household or office. By simply by keeping a few tips in mind, you can watch your productivity go through the roof! 1. Get Organized ..read on

Holistic Family Healing - The Myth of Busyness - by Catherine Van Wetter
Years ago, due to a serious foot injury, I was forced to stop doing things. I couldn’t exercise, I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t distract myself by continuously running around, and I noticed that I slipped into a mild depression. This may have been due,..read on

The Power of Belief - by Desiree Jumchai
At times like this it is our beliefs that can either make or break us. Likewise, if you truly believe you can achieve something, your mind will help you to achieve and win. On the other hand if you are weak and uncertain, you will set yourself up ..read on

Are you Sowing the Seeds of Wealth - by Desiree Jumchai
Network marketing provides the greatest chance for an average person to reach whatever level of success they want. If you plant your seeds right, the fruits of your labour and patience will provide a bountiful reward. The key concept in this business..read on

The Power of Rapport
Many of us have a tendency to push too hard or demand what we want from someone without establishing the necessary rapport. More often than not, this is considered as a premature and overzealous act, which will eventually backfire on you and drive pe..read on

Artists Are Masters of Divine Essence - by Paula Andrea Pyle, MA.
These incomparable divinely inspired creations of Art generate a means of survival while he continues to search, seek, ponder and formulate the meaning of his life into some sort of workable reasonable fashion. There is little doubt that cavemen, ..read on

Making Autumn Décor a Cinch - by Jennifer Stevens
Everywhere you turn a brilliant array of earthy colors meet the eye. Bringing a bit of fall’s beauty into your home can be a simple and enjoyable task. Autumn décor is capturing a bit of the heaven going on outside and recreating it in your home. ..read on

A Crafting Club - by Jennifer Stevens
Running a tight household, I relied on myself to come up with creative ways to save a penny. My love of decorating combined with some good online crafting ideas, gave me all the ammunition I needed to start a crafting club. With a quick call to some ..read on

The revival of Meenakari art by Shruti Singh
Due to this admiration, time to time, man has developed several beautiful arts. You can see the samples of these arts in the remains of ancient civilisations. India has always been accepted as a land of art and craft, by the world. The samples of..read on

The Great German Culture
That’s why Germany also called “a problem child” of Europe. Nevertheless, a recognizable German culture can be traced through the history of a large and disparate group of traditions. In the beginning, Germany was from Celtic people who set up th..read on

The Incredible History of the Water Fountain
Water fountains - that's the water fountain that you and I would recognise, the one tap dribbler from schooldays- have gradually been eclipsed by its more sophisticated relative, the water cooler. Most people aren't very impressed by what water fo..read on

Selling Crafts Online
An e-commerce website or online shop that has a shopping cart which allows you to sell crafts online. Our recommendations are to use sites such as Etsy.com, Artfire.com or Bonanzle.com. With these sites it is easy for your craft shoppers to buy craf..read on

DIY- Make a Candle!
Supplies Needed for Candle Making Wax- you can even use the plain white candles or crayons. However, if going proper way, then get some paraffin wax, soy wax or beeswax. Wax melter Thermometer- Specific candle making thermometers are there..read on

4 Rainy Day Craft Projects To Do With Your Children
I feel it's important to spend quality time with our children. These days, too many children are sitting in front of a television watching TV shows, or playing video games. I don't find this to be quality family time. Here are 4 easy craft project..read on

Have You Captured Color And Value In Your Quilts?
Six simple steps for capturing color and value. There are so many colors, and then there are the values in each color. I remember, at the time, I wanted to run away but, I wanted to create a quilt more. Remembering a Winston Churchill quote: “Neve..read on

A Beginners Guide to Raising Baby Chickens - by Carole DeJarnatt
If you have the space and decide to take the plunge then you need to be prepared for your new little pets. Chickens are fairly easy to take care of but they do have needs. No matter if you buy your baby chickens, hatch them from eggs at home via an i..read on

What We Love And Don\'t Love About Cats - by Doris Canova
One of the things we love about cats is watching them play. Kittens love playing but don't know yet how to control their sharp claws and teeth. Also children can unknowingly be a little rough with a kitten and may cause it harm. Kittens obtained afte..read on

Reasons To Trust Lawyers - by Catherine Harvey
We are inundated with advertising offering the services of injury lawyers. For every trip, slip or bump we can, apparently, make a claim against someone or other. There are lawyers in abundance that will do our bidding for us, earning themselves a ni..read on

Marion Countess Yorck Von Wartenburg - by Helen Schrader
One of six children, Marion was never spoiled, but the family believed in a good education for girls no less than boys. So she was sent to the most progressive and only co-educational school in Berlin, where she was in the same class as Dietrich Bonh..read on

Discover a Diet for How to Overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - by Julia Aidan
Several treatments have been suggested and one must choose the one that suits their lifestyle, their pocket, is the most effective, and have no side effects to help suffers of chronic fatigue syndrome coping better. Please note that the more natural ..read on

Mindfulness - A Break For Your Multitasking Brain - by Dr. Marion Jacobs
It's easy to mistake this rush to overload for productivity. But UCLA researcher Dr. Russell Poldrack cautions that multi-tasking has its pitfalls. "We have to be aware that there is a cost to the way that our society is changing, that humans are not..read on

Moms: Start a Recipe Blog to Make Money at Home - by Nicole Dean
Two very popular tools for blogging are Google Blogger (blogger.com) or the easy to use Wordpress (Wordpress.org). Both make it easy to set up a blog. But what kind of blog should you start? A recipe blog can be the perfect choice for people who ..read on

Workplace Discrimination: 3 Things You Should Know About Your Rights
When employers violate employment discrimination laws, they can face serious legal consequences. Federal law prohibits workplace discrimination in a number of aspects of employment, including recruiting, hiring, promotion policies, compensation, job..read on

How To Impress The Recruitment Agency And How To Deal With Interviews - by Jenny Smith
Once you’re happy with this, send an email and follow up with a call. If this is to an agency, always clearly state which job you’re interested in or which types of jobs, if you’re not applying for a specific one. Think about how you come across i..read on

Working Toward \'yes We Did\' - Shana McLean Moore
This does not a 'come-together' message make. For the record, it does little to create a peaceful family dinner either. But in life and in parenting, sometimes a side must be taken. If you’re the sibling who’s audacious enough to swipe the last cl..read on

A Lady\'s Respect - by Rubaina
Now a nineteen year old blossom, all her glorious years had it in her mind that it is destined for her to prove herself at her in-laws place. She has to carry forward all that was taught to her in terms of values and morals on to the next generation..read on

Wear positive attitude| Wise Up: Smart is the New Black says Lisa Germinsky - by Laura Jones
I just can't pin our collective mess on the man. What were most of us doing while the country was being run into the ground? Searching for the next "American Idol"? Spelling like a fifth-grader? Waiting for the next pop tart’s wardrobe malfunction? ..read on

Support a Cause. Spread Awareness through Blogging - by Laura Jones
One, it felt intimate. With around 300 or so attendees total, it was easier to connect and network with people. Two, the sessions were conversations rather than presentations. PowerPoint decks were scarce, and instead, there was ample time for Q and ..read on

The Beauty Of A Butterfly Garden - by Juliet Spalding
The figure of your butterfly patch is a subject of private preference. Typical points to ponder are the magnitude of your plot and the types of flora and plants you want to grow. Pick a design of backyard that appeals to you, but guarantee it also co..read on

Caring For Bonsai - by Alice Miller
[pic1] Both you and your bonsai tree will benefit if you draw up a routine tree care schedule, such as daily maintenance checks of light, water, temperature and humidity, along with regular feeding, pruning, checking for spider mites, re-potting e..read on

10 Attributes of an Effective Copywriter - by Barbara Howington
And real value doesn’t usually equate to the lowest price tag. Here are 10 attributes to look for in a copywriter when you want quality work that will help you sell and motivate. A great copywriter: 1. Has an excellent and well-rounded portfo..read on

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