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When I Awoke Alone
I was dreaming I was brushing white sand off my legs and body, as I walked around folding and packing up the over-sized towel that I had been lying on. It was a beautiful blue sky day at the beach on the Gulf of Mexico in Bradenton Florida. The scatt..read on

Tough Bit of Fluff
[pic2]Life is often serious and challenging and it never seemed to “be fair,” so I have learned to laugh at the cruelties of fate. I choose to be happy. I have taken responsibility for myself and try to control my own destiny, and a lighthearted atti..read on

Empower Yourself
[pic1]I don’t know how I come up with some of my ‘parallels in life,’ but I am using our last elected President in the USA as an example of empowerment. We elected, empowered and put our trust in a man who we expect will act responsibly for us as ou..read on

When Life Surprises You
[pic1]When did we get old? We had become friends in Junior High School and we often speculated about life - in a dreamy way that girls do. We were never going to get old. Early in the conversation today Nancy frowned about the BIG birthday which was ..read on

Respectfully Yours...
[pic2]What happened to respect: like “in the old days” before things were measured or labeled by “Political Correctness.” I am not referring to the slang - being “dissed,” or when adults are teasing or joking with one another. Shared humor is a relax..read on

Teach the Children Well
[pic1]We must protect the children by teaching them to do well in all things. Realistically: we as parents and teachers will not always be there to help the children make decisions. As they are maturing; they often don’t want our help or our opinion,..read on

Where Did TheYears Go?
I heard the proverbial ‘Bong vibrating in my brain’ as we talked about our age. We had become friends in our younger years and often speculated on what our lives would be like. Early in the conversation Nancy frowned about her soon-to-be momentous b..read on

How Do I Get There?
[pic1]After being seriously injured in an accident: Surviving brain injuries with short term memory and almost no recall - I had to come-up with a system for driving to; and arriving at my destination on time (at least on the same day :D) One time af..read on

Eyes That Won\'t See
[pic1]My challenging life began at the age of 2 in August of 1952. That’s when I hit the first brick wall. I came down with the brutal and crippling disease Polio, during the 1952 epidemic. It was especially cruel; as it appeared to target innocent c..read on

A Lifetime of Challenges
[pic1]Have you ever awoken frightened from a nightmare, only to have the nightmare continue when you fall back to sleep? This seemingly simple explanation is a haunting and realistic look at my life. Yet, I don't feel sorry for myself. I believe we c..read on

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