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Italian Opera goes Pink
My European diary extracts so far have been from the mid 1990s. They provide a framework for all the work I've done since to raise the questions that need to be raised to change the terms of reference for women in our very patriarchal society. Loo..read on

European Diary 2
Coincidentally on my 50th birthday in January 1996 I was asked to take part in a European Commission project as a representative of a rural, island community to make recommendations on the needs and desires of women from 50 to 70 and how they could b..read on

European Diary - One Woman\'s Chronicle
From 1994 to 2003 I was a Scottish delegate in a number of initiatives funded by the European Union. The purpose was to bring women together from various countries to discuss their priorities and make recommendations to the European Parliament as to ..read on

Women, Crafts & Creativity
It's so easy not to take time to practise our traditional crafts. There's no immediate economic value in our society for craft-made goods. As women we are preoccupied with running our homes, nurturing our families, furthering our own careers, try..read on

Lynn Ross
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40 years of writing articles on women's issues, specialising on women in craft

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Born in Scotland; spent my teenage years and early twenties in the US in the 60's; 5 years in Sweden in the 70's. Moved to the Isle of Arran 34 years ago. Can't imagine living anywhere else. Mother of 3 fantastic grown-ups; Grandmother to 2 gorgeous girls You can read about how our family work together on the Arran Knitting Company Website, http://patterns.on-arran.com

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