Dare to be YOU

Women of all races and religions have been oppressed for many generations. It’s time to change that. The power within each of us is simmering and about to bubble over. We CAN make a difference, we just need to realise it, take hold of it, and move forward with it.

To coin an old cliché – When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

This website is about Women – For Women, By Women.

It’s about who we are; what we can do; what difference we can make in the world.

It’s about all topics and subjects, no matter how small. Women play a huge role in the world and it’s grossly underestimated. We are the custodians of future generations. We are the guardians of everything to come.

Without Women, there would be no future generations, no balance.

Without Women, men would flounder, children would not grow to become all they can be.

This website is to help all – Those who know who they are and those who are yet to find out, and discover there is a whole new world awaiting them. Each and every one of us can learn from the other, no matter what the situation. My own story is no different – many struggles, verbal abuse for many years, and then the realisation that I CAN BE ME – No Matter What.

Life is an adventure from which to grow and learn, and if you don’t like something – CHANGE IT! And you will find new doors will open for you, new ideas will happen, new ways of doing things, new friends, and in my case, a new and very special man in my life.

This website has been created for that purpose – To allow ALL Women, regardless of race or religion to KNOW there is someone there, someone who cares, someone who can share their joy and their tears, someone who can help and most of all, someone who can say if necessary “You have your own Power. Take it back, and use it wisely!”

This website is just the beginning…………

Join us. Have your say. Make a difference. Be Involved.


Dare to be YOU!

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