About Brandlady.com

Brandlady.com is a not-for-profit online magazine and is designed to allow all women to be involved and have their say, throw ideas around, be creative, and give the opportunity to be all you can be. It's about sharing and caring as women.

Our aim is to reach out to the women of the world, to unite and empower each other. As a mother and daughter team we want to help in this unison. We want to give women a voice and share it with others. This site is a creation of belief... belief that as women we are strong. We encourage you to empower yourself through the many wonderful and enlightening words you will discover here.

We encourage you to listen to your inner voice, hear your calling and be true to yourself by being the best woman you can be!

Brandlady.com came about in a flash of inspiration – literally. One look at the name and I could see what it meant, what it would do, where it will go and what it will become.

My daughter Clare and I have teamed up to create the magazine and bring it to the attention of women all around the world. It is created with one goal in mind – Empowerment for Women.

Brandlady.com is based in Australia, that wonderful land ‘down under’. We set about finding excellent writers from all walks of life to contribute with their ideas, stories, poetry, experiences and adventures. Working together is what it’s all about and that is our aim.

For the future, our commitment to helping all women everywhere will hopefully help many to find their way, and become the person they are meant to be.

Linda Lycett
Director/Editor in Chief

Clare Hudd
Director/Assistant Editor in Chief

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