Submitting Articles

We welcome well-written articles on all topics concerning women and their wellbeing. has a wide range of subjects covering many women’s issues, although it is not limited to topics already published.

Articles of 500 – 1000 words will be accepted, with longer articles published as a series. Short stories of up to 6000 words can be submitted. Single line spacing. Arial font size 12.

Please include your name, country, and email address clearly stated at the top of your submission.

As has many topics and categories, please choose before submission to enable us to place your article in the correct area. These can be found on the website menu. Many of the main headings have sub-categories and one may suit your article. will allocate the category if none is included.

If you wish to have a short biography or self-promotion published with your article, please include this in your submission, along with any website links.

Photographs may also be included, as an attachment Do not add to the body of the article. JPEG only please.

By submitting an article, you give the right to edit any material for publication. If any major changes are required, the author will be contacted for discussion prior to publication. Please note: is a non-paying voluntary contributor magazine.

To submit article, email to:

All personal information submitted is strictly confidential and not forwarded to any third party.

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